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12" LED Falling Snow Tube - Green

The Green 12" LED Falling Snow Tube can give a special touch of color and sparkle to any space. Whether you are looking for a special touch to your Christmas display or you want to use it for another occasion or holiday during the year, these LED snow tubes can offer you a unique look that you will love. These tubes fit into a C9 socket, which means that you can use them with your existing light line or you can purchase an empty socket line that will allow you to create a custom light line that you can use for your particular event. Decorate your home, porch, patio, or other space with these tubes for maximum use and exposure.

  • • Manufactured by Minleon
  • • 12" LED Falling Snow Tube in Green fits C9 (E17) light
  • • Can be used with empty socket line or existing C9 light line
  • • Each LED in the tube turns off and on alternatively, trailing the
      previous LED, to create the falling snow look
  • • Available Lengths: 12", 24", & 36"
  • • Case Quantity: 50 *Note item sold individually.
  • • Case Weight: 10.16 lbs.
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12" LED Animated Snowfall Tubes - Blizzard Tubes - Green

Pricing is per tube.

  • • Fits into a C9 (E17) base socket.
  • • 16 LEDs in each tube.
  • • Wattage: 3.5 watts per tube.
  • • Amperage: .03 amps per tube
  • • Animation sequence is built into the tube and can not be adjusted
  • • Use our empty socket light line for maximum flexibility. Spacing available from 6" up to 36" between bulbs.
  • • Great along building perimeter or in the canopy of trees.
  • • Also available in 24" and 36" lengths.
  • • Case Quantity: 50 *Note item sold individually.
  • • Case Weight: 10.16 lbs.