18/2 SPT 2 Zip Cord, Green, 1000'

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Use the top trusted cord for professional Christmas installers in order to create a customizable power cord that will fit your needs exactly. Our 18/2, SPT 2, Green Zip Cord is designed with 1000' of sturdy wire that will enable you to create multiple power cords or use this zip cord for other... Read more

18/2 SPT2 Zip Cord, Green, 1000' Roll

  • • Bulk Zip Cord, 1000'
  • • No Plugs included- add slide on male and female plugs as needed
  • • The top choice for Pro Christmas installers
  • • Customize your own power cords
  • • Insulation Thickness: .045"
  • • 7 AMP Max
  • • Case Quantity: 1
  • • Case Weight: 29.2 lbs.

Plugs Sold Separately, (18/2 Male Slide On, SPT-2 and 18/2 Female Slide On, SPT-2)

* 18 gauge wire, whether SPT-1 or SPT-2, has a maximum capacity of 7 amps. Many websites and online sources mistakenly state that SPT-2 is 10 amps. The insulation is twice as thick on SPT-2 as on SPT-1, however, this does not increase the maximum load capacity of the wire. Never load more than 7 amps on any 18-gauge wire.