20' - RY - Coaxial Spacer Wire for Commercial LED Sets

The 20' Spacer Wire for Commercial LED Sets can help your lighting display look just like the professionals. This wire allows you to connect all of your lighting together without having to make them close together or have the dreaded “ghost lighting” between the two. With the screw connection, you can keep the moisture and debris out of the wiring and it will keep the connection secure, so no surprises when you connect them to power. If you want to custom create your own display or if you are a professional with a desire to connect the lighting together, this 20' spacer wire is the choice that you want to consider. Also available in other lengths on our site.

  • • 20' Coaxial Spacer Wire
  • • Screw connection ensures that moisture and dirt is kept out of
      the lighting system to prevent deterioration and damage
  • • Ideal for connecting lighting displays for Christmas and other
  • • The screw connection ensures that your lighting sets stay
      connected to help prevent flickering or even non-working lights
  • • Case Quantity: 24
  • • Case Weight: 8.6 lbs.

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20' - RY - Coaxial Spacer Wire for Commercial LED Sets

Spacers allow you to easily customize the layout of the LED lights during installation. The screw connection prevents moisture and debris from getting into the lighting system as well as preventing service issues due to light sets coming unplugged.