30" Deluxe Oregon Fir Wreath - Lit with Twinkly Pro RGBW

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This beautiful Deluxe Oregon Fir Wreath is fully lit straight out of the box. This commercial quality wreath is sure to give you years of enjoyment with its thick, lush greenery. The Oregon Fir Christmas Wreath is available in this large, 30" size, which is perfect for any size door, as well as... Read more
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30" Deluxe Oregon Fir Wreath, Lit with Twinkly Pro RGBW

Not Battery Operated

RGBW Offers vibrant colors and improved white color spectrum.

Series: Professional/Commercial Grade

Rating: Indoo and outdoor use

Lighting: Twinkly Pro RGBW

Bulb Color: RGB - 16 million + possible colors

Controllers Not Included. You will need 1 controller that has 1 port.

Number of Bulbs: 100

Number of Light Sets: 1

Lead Length:  6"

Inner Frame Diameter: 15.5"

Outer Frame Diameter: 20.5"

Inner Greenery Diameter: 7"

Outer Greenery Diameter: 30"

Weight: ~25 Lbs.

Connector Type: Coaxial Connect, no end connection. Multiple sets are grouped via a control box.

Controller Technology: Available via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Ethenet

Controller Interface: Advanced Twinkly Pro app interface via Apple smart phones and Apple iPads. Not currently compatible with Android Devices.

Grouping: Unable to group RGB Home and RGB Pro together.

Water Proof Rating: IP 65

UL Rated: Yes, for indoor or outdoor use

Watts: 26 Watts at maximum intensity

Usage Category: Commercial, residential and professional applications

Warranty: One Year

Controller Options:

Twinkly Plus™ 1 Port Wifi Controller - Controls up to 200 Bulbs
Twinkly Plus™ 2 Port Wifi Controller - Controls up to 400 Bulbs
Twinkly Pro™ 6 Port Ethernet Controller - Controls up to 1000 Bulbs