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8 Way Power Tap

Are you looking for a sure connection for your lights? This 8 way power tap allows you to break one line into 7 additional lines for maximum usability and flexibility in your light installation. This is a professional grade tool that features a screw connection that not only eliminates service issues from light sets becoming unplugged, but also keeps dirt and moisture out of your lighting system. No more do you have to run dozens of extension cords to get the look that you want. With this 8 way power tap, you can have everything connected into one line, which makes it easy to plug in and enjoy.

  • • 8 way power tap allows for 7 lines to be connected into one.
  • • Screw connection keeps dirt and debris out of your system and
      keeps the light sets plugged, so no lighting issues will occur
  • • Keep all of your lighting connected with this 8 way power tap
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8 Way Power Tap

8 way power taps are used with the Platinum Series of LED lights. All connections on our Platinum Series are screw type connections to prevent moisture from entering the system as well as to eliminate service issues from light sets coming unplugged. The 8 way tap allows one line to be broken up into 7 additional lines for maximum flexibility during installation.

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