Dorm Room LightingGoing off to college is a great adventure. From moving to a new city to being on your own to decorating your dorm room, everything is new and exciting. Decorating your dorm room on your own terms is important, as it is going to be the place where you not only sleep, but also study and hang out with your friends. Using LED lights in your dorm room can give you additional light and can add a bit of sparkle and shine to your space. Here are 15 ideas of how you can jazz up your dorm room with LED lighting.

1. LED Light Headboard

led light headboard 1

There is no need for you to simply go with the headboard that you have. Use curtains and LED lights to customize your own look that will make your bedroom special. Sheer curtains in the color of your choice with clear or white lights can really jazz up your bed.

2. Wrap the Walls

ceiling wrap with LED lights 2

These clear lights arranged at the top of the room near the ceiling give the room an amazing glow and beauty. Combine this with the branches and LED light arrangement and you have a beautiful and cohesive room that shines brightly no matter what time of the year it is.

3. Mini LED Lights Chandelier

LED lights chandelier 3

This faux chandelier is created using a lamp shade frame and mini LED lights that are wrapped in and around the frame. This can light up a dark corner perfectly and can be a great project to do with your roommate.

4. Colored LED Light Fun

Colored LED light Fun 4

Hang these multi-colored LED lights from side to side in your dorm room and you can add a bit of color to a normally bland room. This is a great choice if you are not allowed to paint your room, as it can give color without compromising the room (and your deposit).

5. Dixie Cup Light Garland

dixie cup light garland 5

Most college students are on a budget, but this low budget and high impact idea can give your dorm room a beautiful look. Simply find Dixie cups that fit your color desires and use LEDs to turn them into a garland.

6. DIY Marquee Lights

DIY Marquee Lights

This project is super easy and it can be something to do with your roommate to show off your style and make your mark on your dorm room. A cardboard letter and a light string combine to create a beautiful look.

7. Highlight a Picture Wall

Highlighting Your Picture Wall

This shows how easy it is to take your wall of pictures from simply a wall of faces and colors to a piece of art. Simply add a draping of LED lights to enhance the pictures and make them even more special.

8. Bedroom Party Lights

The Beauty of Bedroom Party Lights

Make your bedroom even more beautiful with the addition of the larger patio or party light strings. They offer a big impact that will shine bright and sure no matter where you install them.

9. DIY LED Light Art

DIY LED Light Art

This is such a cool project that can be customized to your own style and your own personality. Simply cut out letters from magazines that express your own individuality – Dream Big, Relax, Study, Read, etc. – and then light them up with a frame of mini LED lights.

10. Shelve Your Party Lights

Shelve Your Party Lights

It is a cool storage idea to use shelves as your headboard, but adding some party lights to highlight the shelves can be even smarter, as they add color and brightness to it. Patio or party lights are the perfect size.

11. Picture and Light Garland

Light and Picture Garland

Drape your lights and hang pictures from the string to make a beautiful statement in your dorm room. This is an easy way to add a touch of your own personality and use your Christmas LED lights year around.

12. Light Up the Lower Bunk

lower bunk LED light beauty

Having a lower bunk doesn’t have to be to your detriment. Use the LED lights to light up your lower bunk and make it your cozy little space away from everyone else.

13. Ping Pong Ball Light Magic

ping pong ball light string

Who knew that ping pong balls could make such an amazing statement? This is simple a set of multi-colored LED lights that have a ping pong ball slipped over them. The multi-colored lights with the ping pong ball make a soft and beautiful color string.

14. Curtain and LED Light Drape

curtain and light drape

This is such a cozy little space. The sheer curtains draped on the ceiling with the LED lights makes such a welcoming little area to sleep and hang out.

15. Drape With Icicle Lights

icicle light draping

Icicle lights don’t have to be saved for just the winter months. Use them to brighten up your dorm room by hanging them from the ceiling. You will be amazed at how much light that they can offer.

Make a big statement in your dorm room with LED lights. Whether you are on a small budget or you have plenty of money to spend, these lights can be used in numerous ways to highlight your room and your own personality.