21 Amazing Restaurant, Patio, and

Lighting is so important when it comes to setting the mood. You have already created a great atmosphere by expanding your seating area outside. Add some of these lighting ideas to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. By adding the right lighting, you can create a romantic, trendy, elegant, or rustic feel. Set a great mood now.

1. Vine Lights

You can use these beautiful lighted ivy lights to wrap around your outer fencing to create a beautiful scene. You can also use the lighted vines to accent certain parts of your restaurant.

ivy lighted garland

2. Tree Stump Lights

You can use these neat tree stump lights to create a focal point in one of the corners of your patio. They work great when you are using them around a garden or within the foliage.

tree ring lights

3. Antique Lamps

Add some antique looking lamps to the tables to give some intimate lighting. They will also look really nice during the daytime and be functional at night. You can use a different one for each table to give your patrons a unique experience.

original antique vintage style french blue lantern

4. Lighted Entryway

Have your customers enter a garden oasis through a lighted entryway. Take advantage of the outdoor feel by creating a place that is serene and beautiful.

grapevine string lights

5. Mason Jar Lighting

Try this neat idea to give your outdoor area a nice ambiance, whether you use them to light up the patio perimeter or use them as a table centerpiece.

mason jar string lights

6. Starry Night With Patio Lights

Create a starry night even if the stars are not out by installing string lights back and forth over the entire dining area.

patio globe lights

7. Outdoor Bar Lighting

Add lights under the outdoor bar or other structures to give it a trendy feel that will match the design of your restaurant or the theme you have decided upon.

outdoor bar lighting

8. Floating Candles

You can add floating candles in your water structures or as centerpieces. Use big floating candles in water structures and put the small floating candles in a nice clear bowl of water as a centerpiece.

floating candles

9. Tiki Torches

This is a great way to add a little flare to your outdoor setting. You can add these tiki torches to various areas that are farther away from your guest’s areas and let the flames blow in the wind.

tiki torches

10. Lighting Within Foliage

Put the lights in the garden and with your foliage. This will light them up and draw the patron’s attention to these areas. That way you will be able to create a beautiful outdoor scene.

modern rooftop patio with lights

11. Light Up the Night With Stars

Make a big statement on your patio with these beautiful star lights. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes to give you the look that you have been searching for.

star lighting

12. Ceiling Lights

Adding this type of structure to string your lights does mean that you will have to create a covered patio section. This will work great in the day time as well because it will give your patrons some shade.

patio twinkling lights

13. Tree Wrap Lights

Make a statement by wrapping lights around the trees. It is a great way to create a beautiful mood for less. You can get rope lights and wrap them in a spiral all the way up the tree.

tree wrapping with string lights

14. Hanging Candles

A great way to create a romantic atmosphere is to hang candles. You want to use mostly enclosed containers to hold the candles so that the wind doesn’t constantly blow them out. Or get fake tea light candles that flicker so that it creates the illusion that you are using real candles.

hanging candles


15. Fire Pit

Amaze your guests with a fire pit. You can make it the centerpiece of the patio or rooftop. It is a great way to create a focus that is great to look at. Your guests can spend time watching the fire, instead of their watches.

fire pit

16. Candle Holder Lights

This neat idea takes candle holders with the bottoms cut out and fixed around a hanging light. This creates a great outdoor look that if fancy and interesting.

hanging candle lights

17. Umbrella Lights

Create a roofed area by hanging umbrellas over your patio and using globe lights to light up the bright colors of the umbrellas. A unique look that will garner tons of compliments.

umbrella lights

18. Shape Your Lights

Create your own special look by installing the lights in a shaped pattern, whether you go with a star light the picture shown here or the first initial of your restaurant.

string light shapes

19. Light Globes

These light globes are sure to attract some attention and get your patrons talking. They create a funky and elegant feel and present some great lighting as well.

outdoor globe lights

20. Wall of Suspended Candles

Create a great centerpiece by using candles suspended on the wall. You can even cover the wall with ivy or other foliage to create a unique look.

candle light wall

21. Think Outside the Box

This is a great way to create a great statement for your patrons. These funky lighting choices that you create will definitely separate your from your competitors. Can you think of any other way to get them talking than you decorating outside the box?

guitar string lights

Whether you are decorating for just a specific season or for an event, these restaurant, patio, and rooftop lighting ideas can offer you a wonderful way to add light and beauty to any space.