Christmas is fast approaching, and for those still engulfed in decorating, the last couple weeks left may be more panicked than usual, especially for those trying to think outside the box for this year’s holiday décor. But all one really needs is an idea, one tiny detail, that just may bring together an entire room, or in this case, a porch. So, here is almost 2 dozen front porch Christmas decorating ideas to help get those creative juices flowing to unleash the decorating genius every Christmas lover has hidden inside.

23 Creative Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas


  1. Traditional garland made of pine branches may seem boring, but it doesn’t have to be. So many things can be added to dress it up for the season, like pinecones and berries, for a natural and festive look.
  2. Garland made of large colorful ribbon can really brighten up a doorway. Add in some pretty ornaments and a few candy canes, and the porch will be the talk of the neighborhood.Ribbon Garland
  3. When hanging the garland, keep in mind there are more areas for it than over the doorway. Railings, columns, windows, steps, and even mailboxes can use a touch of the Christmas season.


  1. Wreaths don’t have to be made of greenery. Take the shiny Christmas ornaments off the tree and make a colorful wreath to hang on the door for a new look that’s eye-catching as well as beautiful.Ornament Wreath
  2. Another unique option is a rolled paper wreath. It can be made easily at home with some Christmas themed scrapbook paper, a bit of ribbon and glue, and a wreath form. These items and a bit of time are all one needs to make an interesting and eye-catching addition to their front door.Rolled Paper Wreath
  3. If a bit of the natural world is wanted, but not the traditional green kind, perhaps a wreath made of berries can be used to draw the eyes of those passing by. This works especially well when hung from a white or dark door, for a splash of needed color.Christmas Front Porch Decorations
  4. An old cabinet door can make an interesting replacement for the traditional wreath. Use it to frame the pine and berries, or a pair of skates, or even just the doorknocker for a rustic look. And the addition of a few bells can give guests a musical greeting sure to delight even the Scrooge of the party.Wooden Wreath


  1. It’s easy to make a homemade chandelier with just a few mason jars, a string of soft white lights, a burlap ribbon for a rustic look, and a bit of twine to hold it all together. Hang it from a hook to replace those bright porch lights, and enjoy the ambiance that comes with the Christmas season.Porch Christmas Chandelier
  2. Christmas lights don’t have to be the kind on a string. A pretty homemade ice lantern made using tin cans, with fake berries and greenery embedded into it, and a small tea light inside can make an interesting and festive candle holder to light a guest’s way to the door.Ice Lantern
  3. An outdoor planter with string lights wrapped around it can brighten up any porch. A bit of red ribbon draped over some sprigs of pine complete the look, and if it’s not bright enough, throw in a few fiber optic lights to add a bit of the modern world.Planter with String Lights

Outdoor Furniture

  1. Guests probably won’t be spending too much time sitting outdoors, but that doesn’t mean an outdoor bench should be wasted. Lay some greenery and add a few pinecones and ornaments for a whole new type of porch decoration.Christmas Bench
  2. Rocking chairs can also be used in a similar fashion. A couple of festively printed pillows can offer a bit of holiday cheer, and a bit of comfort, to those who do choose to brave the winter cold.Christmas Front Porch
  3. Though not technically furniture, a homemade sign is a nice touch to the rustic porch theme. A bit of wood, some stencils and paint and a bit of good cheer can create a gorgeous message to greet guests on their way in to join the celebration.

Outdoor Toys

  1. An old sled can find new life as a fantastic new porch decoration. A bit of greenery and berries can be draped over it, and a pretty checkered ribbon can add some color to a rustic theme.Outdoor Front Porch Christmas Decor
  2. A pair of outgrown skates can help to create a vintage theme. Hang them from the sled used above, or place them in the middle of a wreath for a new and charming addition.Skates
  3. In colder climates, wagons usually spend the winter in a garage, collecting dust. Why not put it to use? A bit of garland, with a few berries and ribbon to give it some color strung over it, will look lovely. And fill that empty space in the middle usually reserved for the little ones with a few potted poinsettias.Red Christmas Wagon

Other Interesting Décor

  1. An old fashioned wheelbarrow can combine a bit of rustic charm with a vintage appeal. A few pine branches and pinecones add to the natural look, with some berries thrown in for a splash of color, and some white poinsettias mimic a dusting of snow for a bit of country charm.Christmas Wheelbarrow
  2. Remember that wagon above? Instead of the traditional garland, perhaps fill it with some gaily wrapped presents tied with pretty bows. The berries and branches can still be used for a bit of an old-style charm with a modern flair. After all, why should the Christmas tree have all the gift-giving fun?Wagon with Gifts
  3. Disco didn’t have to end with the close of the ’70s. Hang an array of miniature disco balls outside for a vintage look with a modern feel. When the light hits them, and they begin to sparkle, sending those pinpoints of light over every surface, they will create a gorgeous effect that no string of lights can compete with.Christmas Disco Balls

Unique Ideas

  1. Most people focus on red and green for their decorative coloring, but why not create a brand new tradition with pink and white? White garland and snowflakes, pink presents, and wreath, all together create a whole new look for the festive season.Pink & White Christmas Decor
  2. If pink is a bit too feminine, why not replace it with blue? Blue ornaments will look great against a backdrop of white door and walls, with white trees in white urns. And a touch of green in a wreath with a blue bow and a few emerald Christmas tree balls will ensure no one mistakes this year’s blue Christmas for their host’s mood.Blue & White Christmas
  3. A large colorful stocking with curly toes, a couple of planters with festively striped Dr. Seuss-type plants, and a garland festooned with multi-colored balls and lights can add a touch of whimsy to any porch.Whimsical Front Porch
  4. Of course, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a visit from Every kid on the block will be trying to climb into his sleigh to sit in his lap and tell him of their fondest Christmas wish. A lighted reindeer and Frosty the Snowman nearby make the children’s fantasies complete.Front Door Christmas Decorations

With any luck, at least one of the ideas above will help to make someone’s Christmas porch dreams a reality. Many of them can even be made from home for the DIY decorator, or for those who just wish to save a bit of money. But homemade or bought, rustic or modern, the Christmas porch of any home displays a touch of those who live inside and sends out wishes of a happy holiday season to even the most distant of strangers passing by.