Many people believe LED string lights can only be used during holidays. But who says that a simple string of lights can’t be used in multiple occasions? This list of 31 DIY Projects is sure to inspire you to unpack your LED string lights from the holidays and use them in these fun and innovative ways.

1.) Patriotic String Lights

DIY Project String Lights

These fun and creative string lights are the perfect addition to your Fourth of July decorations! While this project is easy, it is time consuming. To start off you will need: red, white, and blue yarn, 5” balloons, glue, water, petroleum jelly, wire, and string lights. My personal favorite lights for this project are these. These lights are the perfect fit for this project!

  • Start off by buying 5 inch balloons and inflate them so they have about a 4-inch diameter.
  • Rub petroleum jelly around the inflated balloons to prevent the yarn from sticking to the balloons.
  • Mix two parts glue and one part water together until you achieve a smooth consistency.
  • Wrap the yarn around your fingers a few times, and dip the yarn into the glue mixture. It is crucial that the yarn stays in a loop during this stage.
  • Attach the yarn to the top of the balloon by tying a loose knot. Then, wind the yarn around the balloon, making a crisscrossed pattern. After, rub the surface with more of the glue mixture.
  • Using clothes pins, clip the ends of the balloons to a clothing wire, and allow them to dry for at least 48 hours.
  • After 48 hours, the balloons should have deflated. Pop the balloons, remove them, and insert the bulbs of your string lights, securing the globes with a piece of wire for extra security.

2.) Flower Lights

DIY String Light Project

Spring has sprung, and what better way to bring a touch of spring to your home with floral lights? These lights are super simple to make! You will need large and small cupcake papers, scissors, an exacto knife, and string lights. For this project I would use pure white lights like these.

  • For leaves: use a small cupcake paper. Fold it in half twice. The point should be at the bottom, and then cut a leaf shape.
  • For an 8- petal flower: use a small cupcake paper. Fold it in half three times. Make sure that the point is at the bottom, and cut around the top.
  • For a 16-petal flower: use a large cupcake paper. Fold it in half four times. Make sure that the point is at the bottom, and cut around the top.
  • Using the exacto knife, cut a small ‘X’ in the center of each cupcake paper.
  • Then, layer the cupcake papers onto each lightbulb in order to make flowers.

3.) LED Rug

DIY Project String LIghts

A LED rug is a great way to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. This project is definitely for people who are experienced with crocheting. What you will need: rope yarn, large crochet hook, and LED rope lights.

  • Start off by finding a simple spiral crochet pattern.
  • The first round of crochet, do not weave the lights within.
  • Once you have crocheted the first spiral, start working your way around the light strand.

4.) Colorful Globe String Lights

diy string lights

Give your Christmas lights texture and color with this simply do it yourself project! All you need is cheesecloth, mod podge, fabric dye, and one strand of café style bulb lights!

  • Follow the directions on the package of the various fabric dyes you bought. Then dye the cheesecloth in the colors.
  • After the cloth dries, cut the cloth into large squares.
  • Untwist the bulbs from their strand.
  • Take a bulb and completely cover it with mod podge.
  • Then, take a piece of cloth and place the light bulb near the middle of the cloth.
  • Pressing firmly, drape the cloth around the bulb.
  • Trim the extra cloth.
  • Repeat these steps until you have covered every light bulb.
  • Let the bulbs dry, and then place them back into their sockets.

5.) Flameless Fire Pit

DIY Projects String Lights

This is the perfect addition for your home during winter. This DIY fireplace piece will create a cozy atmosphere. Gather lace strips, tree branches, aluminum foil, fabric stiffener or washable school glue, a paintbrush, string lights, and rocks.

  • Start by completely wrapping each branch in aluminum foil.
  • Saturate a piece of lace with fabric stiffener or glue.
  • Then, wrap the lace around a branch. Overlap the lace to create a more texturized look. Feel free to use as many strips as necessary!
  • Repeat those steps until all of your branches have been covered. Let them sit overnight.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut a straight line through the lace. It’s okay if you cut through the aluminum foil.
  • Remove the branch and aluminum foil from the lace. Now you have a cast-like lace branch.
  • Repeat those steps on all of the branches.
  • Time to decorate! Place your rocks in a circular shape, and pile string lights into the middle area.
  • Place your lace branches into a cone-like shape. Wedge the branches between the rocks to make them more secure.
  • Don’t forget to plug in your lights!

6.) Mason Jar Lights

DIY Projects String Lights

Recreate a childhood memory of catching fireflies in a jar, by making this DIY Mason jar LED decoration. Not to mention that these are the perfect lantern type decorations to place on a table or patio, to shine throughout the night. All you need is a mason jar, adhesive mounting dots, and fairy string lights.

  • Peel off one side of an adhesive dot and place it as close to the center as possible.
  • Remove the other backing of the adhesive dot and place the battery pack of the LED micro drop strand onto the dot.
  • Delicately place the LED fairy light strand into the Mason jar and replace the lid.

7.) Mirror Garland and White Lights

DIY Projects String Lights

This winter-esque DIY project will illuminate your room while create a modern and elegant look. Things you will need: an aluminum rod, big hooks, mirror garland, and LED string lights.

  • Mount the aluminum rod onto your wall by using the big hooks.
  • Drape the mirror garland around the rod. Don’t be afraid to cut various lengths of the mirror garland.
  • Finish the project by simply draping the LED lights around the rod and mirror garland.

8.) Cotton Candy Party Lights

DIY  Projects String Lights

This whimsical DIY project is perfect for a cookout or party! You will need: cotton batting, light pink spray paint, spray glue, decorative paper, scissors, double-stick tape, and lantern string lights. These warm white lights are perfect to use in this project.

  • Cut the cotton batting into 2 by 4 inch strips, and then spray paint each side of all of the strips.
  • Cut the paper into rounded triangles, almost like a fan shape. Roll the paper into a cone and place double-stick tape to secure it.
  • Spray the top of a cone and place a light bulb onto it. Repeat this step until each light bulb has a cone attached to it.
  • Finally, spray the lanterns with glue, and then wrap cotton around the lanterns.

9.) Whimsical Room Decoration

DIY Projects String LIghts

This super easy DIY project is perfect for a little girl’s room! Simply secure two large towel hooks onto the ceiling, then loop a large piece of fabric through each towel ring. Finish this look by draping the LED lights on top of the fabric.

10.) String Light Photographs

diy string lights

This DIY project is especially popular among teenagers and college students. Drape LED lights in a zig-zag pattern, and then use clips to hang photos, cards, and drawings from the lights.

11.) Winter Themed Dinner Party

DIY Projects String Lights

Spice up your dinner party decorations by draping LED lights around the centerpiece of your dinner. Use pure white or warm white mini LED lights, or use globe lights to achieve a unique and ultra-illuminated look. Or choose to decorate with festive colors, and use red and green LED lights.

12.) LED Headboard

DIY Projects String LIghts

Illuminate your bedroom with this bright and elegant LED headboard! What you will need: wood, nails, a drill, paint, a polycarbonate sheet, and LED lights.

  • Start by assembling a wood frame and add crossbeams.
  • Drill tiny holes in the bottom of each opening.
  • Paint your frame with your desired color and screw it to the wall.
  • Place lights in each space and connect the cords.
  • Create translucent panels from a polycarbonate sheet and screw them into the frame.

13.) Light Shades

DIY Projects String Lights

These adorable jute twinkle light shades are perfect for any occasion! Things you will need: a glue gun, white plastic Dixie cups, double braided jute twine, a knife, scissors, and lights.

  • Place your Dixie cup upside down and cut an ‘X’ in the flat part.
  • Place hot glue around the rim of the base of your cup and coil the twine, working your way down the cup.
  • Snip the edge off and glue it down.
  • Push the shade over the bulb base. Don’t worry about security, the ‘X’ you cut out, will hold it in place.
  • Repeat these steps for every light you desire to.

14.) Starry Ceiling

diy string lights

Illuminate your home simply by buying an abundance of lights and command hooks. Place the command hooks on the ceiling and walls, then drape the lights from one side to the other. This simple and cheap DIY project is sure to impress guests.

15.) Flower Basket Chandelier

DIY Projects String Lights

Use two old flower baskets to create an outdoor chandelier! Simply fill the baskets with a large string of LED lights, and then cut black pipe cleaners into three pieces each. Secure the baskets together as well as the lights that are hanging from the top of the wire frame. Now you have a bright and creative chandelier that will illuminate the night and impress guests!

16.) Illuminate a Mirror

DIY Projects String Lights

This extremely simple, but chic DIY project will create light in a crucial area. After all, what’s the point of looking in the mirror if there isn’t good lighting?

17.) Paper Bag Party Lights

DIY Projects String Lights

These modern bohemian lights are super chic and easy to create. You will need: a utility knife, string lights, flat-bottom bags, satin ribbon, and masking or paper tape.

  • Make a slit through both sides of the bag, approximately 2 inches from the top.
  • Open the bag and cut an ‘X’ in the center at the bottom.
  • Slip ribbon through the slits and knot it.
  • Put a bulb through the ‘X’ and use masking or paper tape to seal the socket.
  • Repeat until all of the bulbs are covered.

18.) Coffee Filter Lights

DIY Projects String Lights

These adorable coffee filter lights will offer a vintage chic look that is perfect for any home or venue! Not to mention that these steps are super easy to follow.

  • Dip each filter into coffee and let them dry overnight.
  • Cut various lengths from the filters.
  • Attach some of the filters together by gluing them.
  • Make a band and wrap under the string and then up each base of the lights.

19.) Classical Stairs

DIY Projects String Lights

This is super easy to achieve, but will illuminate your staircase when welcoming guests into your home or venue. Simply drape LED lights around each rail to create an elegant and sophisticated look.

20.) Starry Night Canvas

DIY Projects String LIghts

This starry night canvas decorative piece is super adorable and perfect for any room. What you will need: an art canvas, black paint, tape, nail, inspiration picture, white sharpie, and lights.

  • Start by using the black paint to paint your canvas
  • Print out your inspiration image and freehand draw a night sky. Define the constellations with thicker lines.
  • Fill in the empty spaces with smaller dots for a starry night look.
  • Poke a small hole, using a nail, through the main points of each constellation.
  • Push the lights through the hole and make sure you tape the bottom of the lights to the canvas.

21.) Paper Bag Flower Lights

DIY Projects String LIghts

Simply crumple up paper bags into a circular shape then cut a ‘X’ in the middle of it to poke your lights through. Tape the wires down to the back of the bag and you will have a chic string of lights within minutes!

22.) Beer Bottle Christmas Lights

DIY Projects String Lights

For a festive and easy DIY project, simply align beer bottles and stuff a large string of Christmas lights down them. Place these along a walkway or hang them up.

23.) Pixie Dust Lights

DIY Projects String Lights

This DIY project is inspired by Disney. Achieve this whimsical look simply by cutting tulle, then tie and knot it around each light. Choose to fasten the tulle to the lights by using a rubber band.

24.) Easter Egg Lights

diy string lights

Achieve this festive option by drilling a hole in one half of a plastic Easter egg. Then, place a light bulb in the Easter egg, and close it. Repeat these steps until all of your desired lights are covered.

25.) Rosebud Lights

DIY PRojects String LIghts

Choose a sultrier flower light look by bunching organza, or similar fabric, around a light bulb. Shape it until you get a rough flower shape. Then, tape the ends of the bud on the base. Repeat until all of the lights are covered to create these beautiful rosebud lights.

26.) Sea Biscuit Lights

DIY PRojects String LIghts

For a super summer and beach vibe, feed your lights into the holes of the back of sea biscuits and glue them into place. These beautiful sea biscuits lights will offer a beautiful look for your patio party.

27.) Fairy Lights

DIy Projects String Lights

To achieve this magical fairy light look, simply cut medium sized holes on the lids on the blue hued Mason jars. Place the medium sized light bulb into the lid, close the lid, and tape the wire to the lid. Repeat these steps for the rest of the lights. This decoration is perfect to hang outside around a campfire or other nightly festivity.

28.) Lace and Burlap Lights

DIY PRojects String Lights

Create a feminine and beautiful string of lights by simply tying knots of lace, burlap, tulle, and muslin onto a string of small LED lights.

29.) Decorative Vase

DIY PRojects String LIghts

Create a decoration that is perfect to us as a centerpiece at a dinner party. This festive DIY project is extremely easy to achieve. Simply buy a tall clear vase, fill it with various sized ornaments and other decor, and then weave mini LED lights throughout the inside.

30.) Mason Jar Chandelier

mason jar chandelier

This is another fantastic option for a DIY chandelier. Use a  Then, drape pure white string lights into the Mason jars to create a bright and elegant hue that will shine throughout the night.

31.) Hula Hoop Chandelier

hula hoop chandelier

This elegant DIY project is probably one of the most cheapest and easiest to achieve, although it looks so chic and expensive. Simply spray paint a hula hoop to match the wires of your icicle lights. Then tape the lights around the hula hoop. Choose to hang up with wire, or any other sturdy material.