Weddings are full of fun and enjoyment from start to finish, but often decorating can get overwhelming. String lights of all types and sizes can make any decorating style look more beautiful and welcoming. From party lights to fairy lights to mini lights, there are some wonderful ways that you can light up your reception area, whether it is in a formal space, like a banquet hall, or a more casual space, like a barn. Take a note from these 37 wedding reception lighting ideas to inspire your own decorating.

1. Highlight the Tent

wedding reception lighting

If you are using a tent for your wedding reception, it doesn’t have to just be left alone. By taking string lights and highlighting the tent, including the pitch and more, you can turn the tent into a beautiful space that will make your reception brighter and more beautiful.

2. Barn Weddings With Lights

wedding reception lighting 2

Even a rustic barn can be enhanced and made even more spectacular with the right set of string lights. These lights are hung to show off the rafters and roof line to create a beautiful setting for your reception and dancing.

3. Formal Decorating With String Lights

wedding reception lighting

The tulle and chandelier are the perfect settings for some string lights. They make the space look even more opulent and will light up the sky during the evening.

4. Create a Roof Line

wedding reception lighting 3

Delineate your space by using string lights. This is the perfect example of making any space perfect for that outdoor wedding reception or other event.

5. Tulle and Light Curtain

wedding reception lighting 5

Hang the tulle and then let the lights string down to the floor. They highlight the tulle and offer a beautiful backdrop for your wedding reception or even wedding.

6. Lines of Lights

wedding reception lighting 6

The beauty of these lines of lights is unmatched. They line up perfectly with the middle of the tables to create a more elegant look without having to completely change out the whole room. This is a very simple approach that can make a huge impact.

7. Create the Illusion of a Tent

wedding reception lighting 7

Create the illusion of a tent with some simple draping highlighted by lines of drop lights. These drop lights focus the light in specific areas to highlight the draping and add a gorgeous detail.

8. Make the Most of What You Have

wedding reception lighting 8

I love the way that the tree is brought into the rest of the decorating plan, simply by draping it with lights around the trunk. Make the most of the details you have by hanging or draping lights, whether you use party lights, mini lights, or drop lights.

9. An Open Air Tent Effect

wedding reception lighting 9

By using string lights, you can create the tenting effect in an amazing way without blocking off the night sky. This is a great way to enjoy nature and allow your guests to dance under the stars.

10. Draping Party Lights Indoors

wedding reception lighting 10

A glamorous effect is found with this beautiful addition of party lights in a less than glamorous setting. Even though the ceiling is wood planked, the lights make this much more formal and perfect for a wedding reception.

11. White String Lights Add Beauty and Style

wedding reception lighting 11

This outdoor wedding reception features bold, white tablecloths and chair cushions with bright, springy flowers. The white line string lights add more beauty and brings in the space to ensure that it feels cozy and welcoming to everyone.

12. Bathed In Light

wedding reception lighting 12

This is an amazing backdrop for pictures, a cake cutting, or the wedding ceremony. Lights hidden behind a transparent screen can make the shine even brighter and bolder.

13. Nature At Its Best

wedding reception lighting 13

When you are having an outdoor reception, you want to make the most of the natural details. The string lights draped on the trees highlight the candles on the table to add more light and shine.

14. Simple and Beautiful

wedding reception lighting 14

This is a beautiful and simple look that consists of tulle and string lights simply strung from one side to the other. Even a few strings of lights and a few yards of tulle can bring great beauty in a gorgeous and romantic way.

15. Light Up the Walls

wedding reception lighting 15

This is such an easy way to make a huge impact on the room. String lights from the ceiling down the walls to make the room even more breathtaking and welcoming.

16. Flag Down Those Lights

wedding reception lighting

This rustic look that includes draping of flags are highlighted with the party lights that are hanging in the middle of the drapes. These highlight the colors in the flags and add a bit of brightness to the outdoor structure.

17. Golden Hues of Lights

wedding reception lighting 17

The warm white of these light strings and holispheres highlight the golden tones that are used throughout the decorating. From the tablecloths to the centerpieces and more, the lights only serve to enhance the opulent feel of the rest of the decorating.

18. Hide Them under the Table

wedding reception lighting 18

The translucent factor of the fabric that covers the table allows for the light to shine through in a very beautiful way. Make a gorgeous statement with this look for your wedding reception, whether a formal affair or a more casual one.

19. Wall of Light

wedding reception lighting 19

This fabric and string light wall is simple to recreate and can hide an area of the room that you do not want seen or it can help delineate a large room.

20. Elegance With Lighting

wedding reception lighting 20

This area features a beautiful chandelier that is enhanced by the string lights. It gives a grand effect that shows off the room and offers a beautiful setting for your wedding reception.

21. Outdoor Party Reception

wedding reception lighting 21

If you are having your wedding reception outdoors, this more casual approach to decorating can give your tent light and add a bit of fun and festivity.

22. Rustic Wedding Reception

wedding reception lighting 22

A more rustic wedding reception using branches and natural materials can be amped up a bit with the addition of string lights. These string lights are wound into the branches to give them more visual interest and appeal.

23. Party Lights and Lanterns

wedding reception lighting 23

This barn is made even more welcoming and fun with the party lights and lanterns string from side to side and down the columns. Perfect dance floor for the newlyweds and for their guests.

24. Winter Wonderland

wedding reception lighting 24

Pure white drop lights strung from carefully placed lines can make a big statement that brings in the beauty of winter. This look makes any space look more welcoming and makes a gorgeous statement.

25. Winter Forest

wedding reception lighting 25

The trees are made part of the decorating with the string lights carefully placed throughout and the blue spotlights on the trees. This is a very special look that can be the beautiful setting that you are looking for in your wedding reception.

26. Draping With Light

wedding reception lighting 26

No matter what room that you are in, you can give it more light and beauty with the draping of light strings. These beautiful G12 lights can beautify any space for your wedding party.

27. Fabric and Light Beauty

wedding reception lighting 27

Choose fabric that will allow light to show through and then drape it from rafters. Line that drape with string lights and it will light up the fabric when the lights are dim.

28. Party Light Curtain

wedding reception lighting 28

A curtain of party lights can be a great way to add a bit of light and shine to any wall or other area. Choose a shinier background and you will have even more sparkle and shine from the party lights.

29. Arch of Light and Branches

wedding reception lighting 29

Make a rustic statement at the entrance of the reception location with branches and string lights. This is the perfect way to welcome your guests to your wedding reception event.

30. Festive and Fun Lighting

wedding reception lighting 30

Clear light strings with colored lanterns can make any area more fun and festive. If you want to move away from the more formal look for your wedding reception and have a bit of color, this is a beautiful way to add in lighting and enhance the colors. You could even use colored lights.

31. White and Wonderful

wedding reception lighting 31

The string lights that make up the “ceiling” of this beautiful wedding decorating plan only serve to make the rest of the decorating pop. With the white details and chandelier, they make a gorgeous backdrop.

32. Ribbon and Lights

wedding reception lighting 32

Another option to add color to your wedding reception is by adding thick ribbon draping and string lights to the ceiling. This gives a more closed in feel that will make the room feel cozier and more welcoming.

33. The Magic of Fairy Lights

wedding reception lighting 33

Add the magic of fairy lights to your wedding reception by grouping them in glass jars, vases, or other pieces. The fairy lights make a great centerpiece for your table or you can hang these pieces from trees or other structures.

34. Hula Hoop Chandelier and Party Lights

wedding reception lighting 34

Use drop lights and a hula hoop to create a DIY chandelier and add more ambiance with the party lights that are draped from side to side.

35. Drop the Party Lights

wedding reception lighting 35

Party lights are a great choice for most any party and these dropped party lights can be a great choice for your outdoor wedding reception. With their simple appeal, they can be used in a formal or casual decorating plan to add light and a bit of artistry to your site.

36. Wrapping the Trees

wedding reception lighting 36

If you want to add some brilliance to the trees at your outdoor wedding reception, wrap the trees. These string lights can make a big impact to ensure that everyone enjoys the charm of the entire property.

37. Make Any Space Usable

wedding reception lighting 37

Even a large yard can be made usable for your wedding reception with a careful application of party lights. They can line off a space for your sit down meal or for your dancing under the stars.

String lights, whether you use the mini ones or the party lights, can make a big statement for your wedding reception, whether indoors or outdoors. If you want to amp up the decorating impact, lights are the perfect way to do so.