[caption id="attachment_477" align="alignleft" width="529"]5 mm Wide Angle Conical LED Christmas Lights Wide Angle Conicals used for palm wraps and fronds.[/caption]

We often get asked what is the best all around light set used by professional Christmas installers. There's no doubt that it's our Pro Grade 5 mm Wide Angle Conical LED Christmas Lights. This is the exact type of light that we use for our own installations throughout Florida and we sell more conicals to our higher end customer base than any other light set.

The reason for this set's popularity is mainly due to the intensity of the illumination as well as the low profile bulb that is very resistant to breaking. These sets hold up well in the harshest conditions and work equally well in a wide variety of lighting applications. The bulb and the socket are a one piece molded design which helps prevent dirt and moisture from getting into the lighting system. The one piece design also significantly increases the useful life of the light set versus the pop out bulb design that is commonly found in retail grade LED light sets.

Another question we get asked is when it comes to deciding between our Pro Grade Series and our Commerical Grade, which one is a better choice. In the past we've been big fans of the Commercial Series 5 mm Wide Angle Conicals, but beginning in 2010 we began switching over to the Pro Series for our own pro install jobs. What we found was that the Pro Series held up just as well and even had fewer outages. The cost was a little less and the installation went quicker by not having to deal with the commercial screw connections from set to set. We have now switched completely over to the Pro Series for all our lighting and this is our general recomendation for other serious installers as well as Christmas enthusiasts.

Our 5mm Wide Angle Conicals are available in either a 50 light, 6" spacing or a 70 light, 4" spacing. Most of the pro installers prefer the 50 light with 6" between bulbs. Because of the very large quantities that we bring in of this particular light configuration, we can offer the 50 light at an unbeatable price. While we are still very competitive on the 70 light set, however, if you want the best pricing along with the most popular light set, then go with the 50 light, 6" spacing Wide Angle Conical LED light set.

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