Gathering, harvesting, giving thanks—these are the sentiments that autumn is all about. The cool weather and invigoratingly crisp air make it the perfect time of year for dining alfresco, gathering by the fire, and making s'mores on the patio. We have a few tips in preparation for your outdoor spaces for hosting friends and family this fall.

Perfect Patio

Here are your fall patio must-haves:

Commercial Grade String Lighting

Outdoor Twinkly LightsChances are you have not only seen these lights by now but also that you’ve sat beneath them on the patio of your favorite café or local restaurant admiring their glow. They feature durable, heavy gauge black wiring and bright yet softly glowing, industrial Edison-like bulbs. These aren’t your standard string of twinkle lights or even globe lights. These lights are exactly what you need to truly illuminate your patio with style. Available in a variety of lengths, you can get just what you need for your patio size and shape. You can also customize to your personal taste, as these lights are available in a classic, minimal style and with special features such as metal accents. For a unique and modern style, we love them with a matte copper shade.

A Light Timer

“A what?” you may be asking yourself, but yes, you need a timer for your string lights. We don't want you to be the rookie who’s struggling to climb behind hedges to reach your nearest outdoor outlet or dragging out your trusty orange extension cord every time guests arrive. A light timer will ensure your lights are ready to glow, and in fact, already glowing whenever you need them to be. Set them to come on at the same time each evening and light up the night. Then, they’ll turn themselves off by morning. It may be one of those things that you never knew you needed until you had it, but trust us, you’ll be glad you have it each evening when your patio sets itself aglow.


Via Celebrate Magazine

Add instant charm and extra lighting with hanging and tabletop lanterns. Classic and traditional, they are a welcomed accent for a season full of tradition. Perhaps, one of the best aspects of lantern lights is their versatility. Fill them with mini pumpkins, pine needles, and cones, sprinkle them with faux snow, or tie them with a bow. This probably sounds a bit like a fire hazard given that lanterns hold candles, but not for LED lanterns. Totally flame-free, battery-operated lanterns emit a charming candle-like glow that allows you more possibilities for decorating safely.







With your string lights hung, timers set, and lanterns placed, you will be ready to enjoy the first night of perfect autumn air and each beautiful night to follow. Ready your chairs and call your friends and family to put your fall patio essentials to their best use.