About Christmas Designers


The Most Wonderful Time…

For many people, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. That's a sentiment that's echoed in one of the most popular Christmas songs, and it's a feeling that we certainly share. For children worldwide Christmas is a magical time of the year, and for many of us, that sense of magic and wonder remains throughout adulthood. For those of us that are Christmas enthusiasts, the joy and magic of Christmas truly makes that season the most wonderful time of the year.

That's why all of us at Christmas Designers feel so fortunate. You see, we're all Christmas enthusiasts. We truly believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But for us, Christmas is a full-time occupation. What could be better?

Early Beginnings

While we haven't been around as long as such venerable Christmas traditions as Santa and Rudolph, we're among the most enduring of the companies that focus exclusively on Christmas. In fact, our history spans five decades - long enough to have been the go-to Christmas supplier for generations of families.

We can trace our roots back to the 1970's, when Dorice Long and her sons Clayton and Kevin began selling Christmas supplies from the back of a rented truck. Eventually the Longs were joined by Leonard Schulz, who had built a very successful Christmas decorating company named Holiday Illuminations.

An Industry Leader

Drawing upon the merged strengths of our founders, we've become both a leading provider of Christmas supplies and one of the most innovative creators of holiday displays. We've achieved no small measure of fame with many of the stunning and spectacular public Christmas displays we've designed and installed.

All of our expertise along with our entire line of top-quality Christmas decorating supplies is available to you. Whether you're a home-decorating Christmas enthusiast, a business looking to generate customer goodwill by celebrating the spirit of the season, or a professional contractor specializing in the installation of Christmas displays - we're here for you.


And while everyone loves a white Christmas, it's important to keep Christmas green, too. That's why we've taken an industry-leading position in making Christmas more Earth-friendly by offering a complete line of energy-saving LED bulbs, decorations and custom displays.

The World Leader in Commercial Christmas Decorations and LED Christmas Lights

Christmas Designers has been in the commercial Christmas and lighting business for the past 30 years. During that time we have had the privilege to design and create some of the most imaginative and unique Christmas displays in the world.

Our specialty is indoor and outdoor commercial Christmas decorations, ranging from small garland pole decorations to giant Commercial trees, reaching heights of over 100 feet tall.

More recently, we’ve expanded our business to include the Christmas Enthusiasts market as well as the wholesale Christmas markets. By tapping into our 30 years of experience designing, building and installing Christmas decorations and lighting, we’re able to offer products and services unmatched in the industry.

Christmas Every Day…

Remember as a child when the joy of Christmas morning would be so wondrously exhilarating that you'd find yourself wishing it could be Christmas every day of the year? Well for us, it is Christmas every day of the year - at least in a way. And it can be for you, too.

Spend some time on our site. Read some of our articles about Christmas. Let us help you do some planning for your next Christmas display. You'll learn lots of tips from our many years of experience. And no matter the time of year, you can experience a bit of the wondrous Christmas spirit in preparing for the next go-around of that magical holiday.


After all, Christmas will be here before you know it!