You've already got the light let's dress them up!!

Light pole banners are an excellent way to keep your poles full of life. They can add color to your streetscape, define an area, celebrate an event or season, or just tell shoppers, "This is the place to be!" You name it....there's a banner for it! Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, Community Event, Welcome Visitors....the possibilities are endless!


All of our pole banners are double sided (unless otherwise requested). Stock banners come in sizes:

30” x 60”

30” x 84”

30” x 94” -96”

Not your size? Don't see "the one"? Not a problem. We are able to create a banner in just your size and in exactly your design. You can provide the artwork or our team of designers will put one together for you.

Stock Banners - A collection of our stock banners can be found on our website. They are basic designs and come in a wide variety of designs.

[caption id="attachment_1462" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Stock Light Pole Banners Want something quick and easy? Go with stock banners. Quick turn around, but no customization.[/caption]

Semi-Custom Banners – Choose one of our stock banners and make it your own by adding a logo or “your message”.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Semi-Custom light pole banners Semi-Custom light pole banners are a great choice when you need to add your name or other verbiage to the banner.[/caption]

Custom Light Pole Banners

Digital Vinyl Print Banners - This is the most popular and cost effective method used. Digital print allows you to put just about anything on a banner - from photographs to custom designs or featuring your very own logo! They are easy to clean and last many seasons when properly cared for!

Marine Acrylic Banners - These are canvas banners that start with a solid colored banner and then add layers via screen print. It is a more expensive way to go but makes for a beautiful banner at your upscale locale.

[caption id="attachment_1464" align="aligncenter" width="121"]Custom Light Pole Banners Looking for something completely unique. Then custom banners are the way to go.[/caption]

Whether digitally printed in full color on 18 oz vinyl or screen printed on marine acrylic fabrics, your property and streets are sure to stand out and grab attention!

Let your banners speak for themselves.

Ready to shop for banners? Take a look at our Light Pole Banner Page HERE.

Also check back for our upcoming blog covering banner hardware and banner installations.