Battery LED Christmas Lights are Great for More than Just Christmas


Battery-powered Christmas LED lights represent the perfect marriage of two modern technologies: LED lights and small batteries. It's a perfect marriage because modern batteries last longer than ever before. And LED lights consume energy in dainty little sips compared to the guzzling gulps of incandescent bulbs. So battery-powered LED lights will shine bright for many hours before needing a change of batteries.

But battery-powered LEDs offer some other advantages that make them particularly great for decorating children's rooms.

Christmas light decor in room

The low voltage requirements of LEDs means that they are perfectly safe; there's no risk of a child getting a nasty shock from a battery-powered LED. And LED bulbs don't produce heat like incandescent bulbs, so there's no chance that a child will be burned by an LED bulb. Even an LED bulb that's been shining bright for hours will be cool to the touch.

So battery-powered LED Christmas lights are safe and practical - important features, certainly. But battery-powered LEDs also offer wonderful flexibility in designing décor that adds a delightfully charming touch to any child's room. Here are just a few ideas:

Cotton-Puff Rain Clouds: Suspend cotton-puff clouds from the ceiling with micro-drop LED lights falling from the cloud in a shower. Like an isolated gentle rain shower on a summer's day, with each raindrop sparkling in the sun like a diamond. More Info: Cotton-Puff Rain Clouds

Cloud Night-Lights: Embed battery-powered LED lights in a large cotton-puff cloud to cast a serene and gentle glow across your child's room. More Info: Cloud Night-Lights

Mason Jar Monsters: Does your child thrill to the chill of kind-of-scary décor? Then making Mason jar monsters will be great fun. Just decorate Mason jar lanterns with ghoulish faces, and set them aglow from within with battery-powered LEDs. More Info: Mason Jar Monsters

Night-Light Art: Instead of applying brush to canvas in creating a work of art, apply battery-powered lights to the canvas. Just glue LED micro-lights to a stretched-canvas frame in an artistic pattern of your child's creation. More Info: Night-Light Art

Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns: Add a wire handle to a colored Mason jar, insert battery-powered LED lights, and you'll have a delightfully charming fairy lantern. More Info: Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns

And Don't Forget… During the holiday season, you can use battery-powered LED Christmas lights for their original purpose - as Christmas decorations! It's a safe and fun way to help your kids get into the spirit of the season (not that they need much help with that!).

Battery-Powered LEDs for Your Child's Room…

How will you use battery-powered LED Christmas lights in decorating your child's room? The list above offers a few starter ideas. But the flexibility and safety of battery-powered LED lighting offer a world of possibilities limited only by the bounds of your imagination.

Don't forget to enlist your child's imagination in coming up with LED decorating ideas. Childish imaginations can be wonderfully creative and innovative. And won't your child be thrilled to bask in the gentle glow of LED décor that he or she helped design and create?