How to Set Up Your Twinkly Pro RGB and RGBW Christmas Lights Display

Hundreds of years ago, families used candles to light up their Christmas trees. Not only was this not the most effective lighting method, it also posed quite the safety hazard. Luckily, Christmas lights have come a long way over the years. With incandescent bulbs, LED Christmas lights, and C7 and C9 bulbs, there are a lot of options when it comes to lighting your tree and home this holiday season. One of the most exciting options, however, has to be Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas lights!

evolution of Christmas lightsIn this blog, we’re looking at one of the most innovative products available on the Christmas lights market—Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas lights—and reviewing a few reasons why these lights are just what you need to create the most dazzling holiday display ever. We also provide a brief walkthrough on how to set up Twinkly Pro lights. If you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, you have everything you need to fully customize your Christmas lights display.

At Christmas Designers, we’re here to help you find the perfect Christmas lights and holiday decorations for your seasonal display. Whether you’re working on a commercial-grade project or simply decorating your own home, we’ve got the widest selection and most competitive pricing to help you create something truly magical this year. Keep reading to learn more about how Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas lights can transform your holidays with innovative and eye-catching lighting effects.

What are Twinkly Pro Lights?

examples of twinkly pro lights and productsSay hello to the latest revolution in the world of Christmas lights and decorations. Twinkly Pro RGB and RGBW Christmas lights bring your holiday display to life with animated effects and patterns that you can even synchronize to music. These high-end LED lights are easy to connect to a Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth device, or ethernet cable and can then be controlled from your smartphone, computer, or smart home device. With an almost endless variety of colors, bulbs, and effects, Twinkly Pro lights put you in control of your holiday display.

Top Benefits of Twinkly Pro Lights

Why exactly are so many homeowners and families making the switch to Twinkly Pro lights? The advanced features and easy-to-use controls make it a breeze to set up your fully customizable Christmas lights display. Whether using a pre-set animation or designing your own, Twinkly Pro truly brings your Christmas lights to life.

Here are some of the top benefits of using Twinkly lights:

  • benefits of twinkly pro lightsAutomated light mapping: use the innovative 2D/3D smartphone camera LED mapping to design your own Twinkly Pro effects. With just a few clicks, you can create a pro-grade holiday display in your own home.
  • Group multiple devices: Combine up to 10 Twinkly Pro controllers to transform your light strings into large objects that can be controlled as one.
  • Addressable LED lights: Twinkly Pro lights are available in a wide selection of different LED Christmas lights and color options and multiple string sets.
  • Customize your effects: use the Twinkly Pro FX Wizard to choose, edit, and create your own personalized effects to truly put your stamp on the holiday season.

Twinkly Home or Pro?

All Twinkly products purchased from Christmas Designers are produced with the same high-quality materials, controlled by the award-winning Twinkly smartphone app, and come with Christmas Designers’ knowledgeable and dedicated customer service team. But when it comes to deciding between Twinkly Home or Pro products, you may decide that your project would benefit from the extra horsepower that Twinkly Pro provides. On top of all of the great features we mentioned that are built into Twinkly Home, Twinkly Pro also enables:

twinkly pro lights grouped

  • More lights: Want large installations? Twinkly Pro allows you to quickly and easily connect tens of thousands of lights! Combine controllers together in groups for large trees, wreaths, and other displays for experiences that words just can’t describe.
  • Customizable controller setups: Twinkly Pro is perfect for any size installation, with multiple controllers to suit every need.
  • Easy cloud management and content upload: The Twinkly Cloud App makes it a breeze to remotely upload your own images, video content, and music from a computer. With the Twinkly Pro Cloud App, you can control all your Twinkly Pro Christmas lights products from home or anywhere in the world!

How to Set up Your Very Own Twinkly Pro Lights

Some people may be hesitant to take the leap in purchasing Twinkly Pro lights because they might seem more complicated than traditional Christmas lights, but this isn’t necessarily true. As long as you have a solid Wi-Fi connection, you’ll have no trouble transforming your holiday display with these innovative RGB and RGBW Christmas lights and your Christmas lights installation will be finished in no time at all. In addition to the available materials on, our Customer Support Specialists and Sales team have all of the answers and are happy to help your Twinkly Pro dream become reality!

Here’s how easy it is to set up your Twinkly Pro lights:

  1. Download the Twinkly app: to get started, you’ll need to download the Twinkly app to your smartphone. Using your iPhone or iPad, you can easily download Twinkly from the app store and you’re on your way. It should be noted, however, that the Twinkly Pro devices cannot be controlled by Windows or Android smartphones or devices.
  1. Set up your Twinkly Pro lights: now you can string up your Twinkly Pro Christmas lights on your Christmas tree, banisters, windows, or any other place that needs a little extra holiday glow. Plug in your Twinkly Pro RGB and RGBW lights to your controller and check for the green light to stay on so you know your system is working and ready to connect.
  1. Connect Twinkly Pro to your smartphone: each Twinkly Pro controller emits its own signal. Once your Twinkly Pro lights are on, use your smartphone to find each Twinkly Pro device through the Twinkly app. Once they’re connected, you can then add them to your Wi-Fi network. The intuitive Twinkly app walks you through this process.
  1. Connect Twinkly Pro to your home: in addition to using the Twinkly app, you can also control your Christmas lights through smart devices on your home Wi-Fi network. This enables you to access and control your lights from products like Google Home and Alexa.
  1. Map out your Christmas lights: once you’re connected, you can begin mapping the pattern of your Twinkly Pro RGB lights. Simply tap on the mapping icon on your Twinkly app and follow the instructions. You can start off with some of the many built-in presets for your lights if you’re not ready to dive into creating your own effects. Additional free effects are also available for download through the app.

twinkly pro lights mappingJust in case there’s an issue with your device or set up, performing a quick factory reset may fix the problem. To reset your Twinkly Pro device, start by unplugging all your lights. Then, hold down the reset button on your Twinkly Pro controller and plug your lights back in. Keep holding down on the button until the light on the controller stops blinking. Then, release the button; your factory reset is complete when the controller flashes green.

If the factory reset doesn’t fix your issue, you can always reach out to support at Twinkly Pro where a team of experts is available to answer your questions.

Twinkly 1 and 2 Port Controller Set-Up: Video

Twinkly 6 Port Controller Set Up: Video

Conclusion – The Benefits of Twinkly Pro Lights (+ How To Set Up Your Twinkly Pro RGB Lights Display)

Are you looking to take your Christmas lights display to the next level this year? If so, you need to take a look at the innovative and dynamic Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas lights. With Twinkly Pro lights and the Twinkly smartphone app, you can create an endless variety of customizable light animations and effects so that you can create a truly unique holiday display for your home or office this year. Simply download the Twinkly app, set up your LED lights, and start mapping out your holiday display. It’s really that easy to transform your Christmas lights this year and impress each and every one of your neighbors.

Creating the perfect holiday display, no matter how large or small, always begins with finding the right lights for your taste. At Christmas Designers, we’re hard at work throughout the entire year to help you create the Christmas display you’ve always dreamed of designing.

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