Best LED Christmas Lights for Outdoor Lighting

5 mm Wide Angle Conical LED Christmas Lights

Approach a group of experts in any field, and ask a question that begins with: "What's the best all-around…," and you're likely to end up with a lively discussion on your hands. That's because defining "the best" of anything is usually rather difficult. And the varying opinions and experiences of those with knowledge of the topic rarely yield a consensus opinion.

But on very rare occasions, the exact reverse occurs: the opinions of the consulted experts are so in sync that a consensus is easily reached. Want to see a demonstration? Ask a group of professional installers of holiday lighting the following question: "What's the best all-around LED Christmas Light for use in outdoor displays?"

Sure, there might be a differing opinion or two. But there will also be a very broad consensus. With near unanimity, the answer of these professionals will be 5 mm wide-angle conical LED lights.

Here's why…

Advantages of 5 mm Wide Angle Conical Lights

5 mm wide-angle Conicals offer superior durability. They're designed to hold up to the harsh conditions that outdoor lighting must endure. They're manufactured to a high degree of quality, and you can count on them lasting for many seasons.

But 5 mm wide-angle Conicals also offer superior illumination. In fact, these lights are the brightest LED Christmas lights on the market. They're 25% brighter than traditional incandescent lights - bright enough to occasionally generate complaints when used indoors. (M5 or C6 lights might be a better choice for indoor displays if the brilliance of the conicals is a problem.)

The secret of the brilliant illumination of these bulbs lies with the conical-shaped lens, which serves to maximize the intensity of the light-emitting diodes within the bulb.

We're Our Own Best Customer!

We're in total agreement with the majority opinion of lighting installation professionals: 5 mm wide-angle conical LED lights are the BEST choice for outdoor lighting displays.

It's certainly OUR choice for all the lighting displays we're contracted to install every year throughout Florida. Every season we install more than 60,000 sets of these lights. That's more than 3 million bulbs!

So you might say that we're our own best customer for these light sets. But we're certainly not our only customer - we provide 5 mm wide-angle Conicals to installation professionals nationwide. Because as we mentioned above, it's pretty much a consensus opinion: These light sets are the best!