The cooler of our two seasons are arguably some of the most exciting times of the year for decorating. This is true for both residential and commercial décor and displays. It’s all rich colors, lush textures, and (our personal favorite) bright lights. String lights, in particular, have gained immense popularity in the world of cozy home décor and DIY decorating ideas. With the fall season upon us, we thought we’d share a few ideas about where and how you can incorporate string lights into your autumn decorating.

In Your Fireplace

Lights In Your Fireplace For that time in the season when a roaring fire isn’t necessary, but you are ready to cozy up, you can fake the flames with warm glowing LED lights! Wrap up some birch branches or longs, or just string them in the general vicinity of your fireplace for a faux glow. Don't have a fireplace? String lights are the perfect solution to creating an easy fake fireplace in any room in your home. However, you can think outside the house, too. Keep a fire always burning by using outdoor string lights to create a similar effect in your fire pit.








On Your Table

Lights on the Table Decor

The quintessential accents of this season certainly do make a stunning table set up. From a rich, warm table filled with fall leaves, gourds, and berries to a monochromatic look featuring white pumpkins and burlap, setting an awe-inspiring autumn table is simple. Just add candles and, ta-da, you’re ready to entertain. Or are you? We recommend string lights in place of candles for style and safety. You won’t have to worry about open flames near your leafy décor or lighting your sleeve on fire when you pass the salt.









Pair Them With…

Pairing wood and lights

Pinecones! You thought we’d say pumpkins, didn't you? While we would never rule out illuminating this classic autumn accent, we love the rustic and woodsy look of softly glowing pinecones in a vase or basket. This awesome DIY display via Julie Blanner lights up pinecones and more. Perfect for transitioning through the seasons, we recommend starting with pinecones and adding pine, wood, and more as you welcome winter. Our recommendation is to use warm white LED lights on green cord; these lights will give the perfect glow and blend in best with the foliage in this display.









Okay, You Were Right: Pumpkins.

Pumpkins and Lights

But, not in the way you think. You can say goodbye to Jack, the traditional jack-o-lantern, and hello to this stylish update via Martha Stewart. Not only does this DIY have a sophisticated style, but you get to keep the pumpkin carving tradition alive and well. If you think you will miss your conventionally spookier display, try red or yellow lights inside, which will give your pumpkins a more Halloween-like style. The best part is, these pumpkins will look great on your porch both before and after tricking and treating is over.