Some people prefer chocolate. Some prefer vanilla. Some prefer strawberry. And some people prefer some other exotic flavor. If you ask people about their favorite flavor of ice cream, you'll get some pretty decisive answers. There's not a lot of wishy-washiness when it comes to favorite ice cream flavors.

Santa Clause Music

And similarly, there's not a lot of wishy-washiness when it comes to this question: Is Christmas music only for Christmas? When answering that question, most people will fall into one of three categories:

Bah-Humbuggers. Did you know that there's a small segment of the population that doesn't like Christmas at all? (Gasp!) 'Tis true, and I guess we all know what their answer to the question would be: No Christmas music at all, anytime or anywhere.

Seasonalists. (According to Merriam-Webster, we've just made up a word here. But let's go with it; it seems to fit. And all words have to start somewhere, right?) A seasonalist loves Christmas, and loves Christmas music, but believes that each belongs in its clearly defined time of the year. And any Christmas 'stuff' that dares to venture beyond those calendrical boundaries is just simply out of place.

So if you're a seasonalist, you might get all misty-eyed and gooey when you hear the immortal sweet strains of Silent Night - but only if it falls within your definition of the Christmas season. Anytime before and after, and the song might have more of a fingernails-against-chalkboard effect on you. It just doesn't seem right.

Any-timers. This one's obvious enough: Any-timers love them some Christmas music at any time of the year. December or July, it's all good. They'll tell you that good music is good music - no matter when it's played. And by the way (they might add), Christmas is the happiest time of the year. So what's wrong with pepping-up other times of the year with some auditory seasoning borrowed from that most wonderful time of year?

How About You?

Are you a seasonalist, an any-timer, or (surely not in our online audience!) a bah-humbugger? We're just curious. Mind sharing?