Christmas Displays: Your Secret Social Media Strategy

Social media has quickly become the easiest way to share our favorite ideas, pictures, and products with our friends and family. When the holiday season rolls around, it only makes sense that Christmas social media posts tend to skyrocket in popularity. Pictures of your sparkling Christmas tree lights, warm white icicle lights outside your house, or an annual selfie with Santa Claus are all great ways to share the holiday spirit and connect with others. But did you know that Christmas social media posts can also help your business succeed? Christmas posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms aren’t just for individuals anymore. As social media has become more widespread, many businesses are now jumping on board to share their experiences, and promote their products. By sharing Christmas-themed posts as part of your social media campaign this holiday season, your business can connect with more potential customers, increase sales, and have a unique opportunity to share your own creative Christmas decorations.

Why Businesses and Brands Need A Good Christmas Display

We believe every business owner should share their commercial Christmas decorations with the world this holiday season. Effectively sharing and engaging on social media can connect you directly with customers and increase foot traffic in your brick and mortar store or bring in more organic traffic to your eCommerce site. An effective social media Christmas campaign can also boost your brand awareness—especially valuable when more people are shopping during the holidays. Christmas Designers is your top choice for pro-grade Christmas decorations, including LED Christmas lights, animated RGB lights, Twinkly pro lights, and more. No matter what kind of tree you select for your holiday celebration, we have the widest selection of Christmas lights and Christmas decorations to transform your holiday display. social media christmas interactive posts

Business Christmas Light Display Attracts News & Views

During the holidays, the marketplace is always competitive and businesses do whatever it takes to attract new customers. But why not let the media do some of the hard work for you? Creating a fun and colorful Christmas lights display for your business (and then sharing it on social media) can attract media attention to your store and brand. For example, a Chick-Fil-A in Phoenix, AZ put up a fun animated Christmas light display and generated buzz from the local news. That news station posted the video on their Facebook page and got over half a million views. It’s not a long shot to guess that sales dramatically increased during the holiday season for that Chick-Fil-A. Using pro-grade outdoor Christmas lights to adorn your storefront and windows is a fun, festive, and cost-effective way to draw attention to your store in December. Now that's a powerful way to drive business.

City Light Display Makes the USA Today's Top 10 Holiday Lights List

Nothing brings people closer or makes them happier than an opportunity to share their happy moments on social media. All those friends that are not present can enjoy the beautiful pictures, and, more importantly, like, comment on or share them. If passersby are taking these pictures along the front or inside of your store, it means that they are promoting your business without even realizing it. Branson City, MO creates a magical Christmas light display every year and was recently rewarded with making the USA Today's 10 Best Holiday Lights List. People come from all around the country to see the Branson City lights, taking selfies, and posting them on social media. merry christmas social media posts

Christmas Social Media Posts as Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Every seasoned marketing professional will tell you that one of the best ways to grow a business is through word-of-mouth. This creates a circle of trust around you that is backed by the word of first contact relationships. This will also eventually lead to sales and foot traffic. Like ripples in a pond, more and more people will be exposed to your brand as more people share selfies and photos of your amazing commercial Christmas decorations and holiday display. A good Christmas display is more than worth the effort and cost because it will get people talking and engaged with your brand. In fact, failing to create the perfect spot for great pictures or not participating in a time that many love and enjoy will often result in you missing a great opportunity to get to people you otherwise would not reach.

Cost-Effective Branding

No matter the size of your business, keeping a strict marketing budget is important for long-term success. Especially during the holidays, you don’t want to pour money into a marketing campaign and see only a minor boost in sales. This is just another reason why Christmas social media campaigns can be so powerful. branding with christmas lights and displaysSocial media is arguably the most cost-effective form of digital marketing. You can upload photos and messages and reach out to an endless number of potential customers, and it will only cost you a little bit of time. Not to mention, the more engaging your image and subject matter, the more shares and reposts your efforts will achieve. Many business owners love how they can jump into a social media campaign without worrying about the cost.

Getting Started With A Christmas Display Design for Social Media

It is important to make it easy for people to get close to your display, at least with their camera phones. The benefit of social media attention will help you grow and keep your city or business in the spotlight. Be sure to consider every element to make your display as special as possible, such as LED Christmas lights, music, and big eye-catching displays. You can transform your storefront into a winter wonderland with icicle lights, candy canes, and snow flake lights. Commercial spaces have really bolstered their traffic with selfie displays that invite people to interact with the display, providing endless laughs, poses and spectacles worth sharing. christmas selfie displaysThis is a great time to really dive into the beautiful creations that are available for Christmas. There is something for every style and preference. If you prefer a display that is more modern or if you like the classic look, either one is fine. Regardless of the style, the more eye-catching it is, the more engagement it will receive on social media and the more people will be talking about you. When possible try to include your own social media links or tags in your display so that people can connect to you when they see the pictures. Don’t be afraid to go all out, this is not the time of year to shy away from the sparkling lights.

Talk To Us About Building A Brand-Worthy Christmas Display

Christmas Designers is here to help your business create an amazing display with pro-grade commercial Christmas decorations. With an unmatched selection of commercial Christmas lights and indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations, we have everything you could possibly need to stand out this holiday season and share your unique approach to Christmas decorating. The holidays are truly a time to connect with others—what better way than by sharing your Christmas display on social media? Contact us with questions at any time or visit us online to learn more about our full selection of pro-grade Christmas lights and holiday decorations. Feel free to call us at (855) 464 6665 or check out our YouTube channel for more ways to create an amazing seasonal display for your business this year.