I want to change the perimeter lighting around my house from the old-style incandescent light line to a new LED light line. What type of light line would work best for me?

Christmas Designers offers LED light line in the three following styles:

LED Stringer Sets

LED stringer sets are the most popular option of LED perimeter style lighting as well as the least expensive way to go when making the switch from incandescent lights to LED lights. A standard stringer set has 25 bulbs, spaced 12" apart. While this is the most affordable lighting option, the downside is that you are working with a fixed cord that has molded bulbs that cannot be removed or replaced. Also because of the way the cord is made, it cannot be cut or modified, so you might find yourself at the end of the job with several feet of cord and bulbs left over. You'll have to get a bit creative to either hide these leftover bulbs or work them into the perimeter of your house one way or another.

Empty Socket Cord with Retro Fit Bulbs

Like the LED stringer sets, this lighting option also has a fixed cord that cannot be cut or modified in any way. Unlike the stringer sets, the bulbs are replaceable. If you want to change the color of your lighting, if a bulb gets damaged or a bulb goes out, it can simply be replaced without having to buy a whole new set. Since the empty socket cord uses retrofit bulbs, you'll have better illumination. Each C9 bulb has 5 small LEDs in the base and each C7 bulb has 3. On the downside, the retrofit bulbs are more expensive which means that they will cost more than stringer sets.

Bulk Cord with Retro Fit Bulbs

Many people shy away from using bulk cord because they feel that it would be too hard to work with, however; in reality, this type of light line is just as easy and in some cases even easier than the stringer and empty socket sets. The bulk cord is what the professional lighters and decorators use. Most bulk cord comes in 1,000-foot spools, but Christmas Designers also offers this in custom cut runs, which allows you to utilize the same type of cord that was once reserved only for the pros. By having the ability to custom cut the cord and add males and females wherever they are needed, you'll have much greater control. The advantage for this type of lighting is that the cord can be cut to any length and males and females can be added to the cord allowing you to avoid having to deal with leftover cord and bulbs when you get to the end of a run. Since the bulk cord uses the retrofit bulbs, you'll have a much brighter bulb than you find with the stringer sets (each C9 bulb has 5 small LEDs in the base and each C7 bulb has 3). There are also more spacing options available ranging from 6" between bulbs up to 24" between bulbs.