Have you included some of our LED Animated Snowfall tubes in your outdoor Christmas decorations?

If not, you might want to consider doing so. Because snowfall tubes can add sort of a unique, mystical element to your outdoor holiday décor. If you haven't yet seen our snowfall tubes in action, take a look at the video above.

There are many different ways of incorporating snowfall tubes into your outdoor Christmas design. But for many Christmas Enthusiasts, the most popular way of using snowfall tubes is for decorating outdoor trees. Doing so provides an absolutely enchanting touch to outdoor decoration.

If you want to give it a try, here are some step-by-step instructions for installing snowfall tubes in your outdoor trees.

Four Easy Steps

Installing snowfall tubes in your outdoor foliage is quite a simple project, and requires no specialized tools. Here's what you'll need to have on hand to get started:

Here are the step-by-step instructions for installing your snowfall tubes:

  1. Measure and cut your light line. If you're not sure how many lines you'll need, you can use a string to mimic the path of the cord through the foliage of the tree to get the proper length. But be careful to leave plenty of slack in the cord to allow for the swaying of branches in high winds.
  1. Cap unused sockets. For the typical tree plan on using around 5 to 7 snowfall tubes. That will leave many of the sockets of the line empty, and you'll want to cap those empty sockets to seal out dirt and moisture. It's easier to plan ahead and cap the sockets that will be unused before the line is installed in the tree (the snowfall tubes will be added as the light line is installed in the tree, not before).
  1. Install the light line. Select a lower branch for the location of the first snowfall tube. Attach the open socket to the branch using zip ties on BOTH sides of the socket. After the socket has been secured to the branch, screw in the snowfall tube (it screws into the socket just like a bulb). Then just weave the remainder of the cord through the tree, working from the lower branches upwards. Always secure each snowfall tube with zip ties on both sides of the socket. And remember to leave plenty of slack between each secured socket.
  1. Attach Slide-On Plugs. Once you've woven the cord through the tree and installed all the snowfall tubes, you'll need to attach the plugs. If there's much cord left at the end of the line, you can trim it back. Then attach a female slide-on plug to the end. And then go back to the beginning of the line and attach a male slide-on plug.

LED Snowfall Tubes

Plug-In and Enjoy!

All that's left now is to plug in your line and enjoy the show! You'll find that the snowfall tubes add an absolutely delightful boost to your outdoor decorations. And they're really quite economical; on average, you'll spend less decorating a tree with snowfall tubes than with lots of mini-lights or larger bulbs.

Snowfall tubes will also help to set your Christmas display apart from many others because you don't see these unique lights incorporated into displays all that frequently. That's because not a lot of Christmas Enthusiasts are aware of these delightful decorations - though we're working to change that!