You might mistakenly believe you can only use LED Christmas lights during the holiday season. However, one of the best aspects of Christmas LED lights is their versatility. Due to their durability, ease of use, and unmatched performance, there are many uses for LED lights to brighten up your home throughout the entire year.

Christmas lights around the pool

This blog discusses the many year-round benefits LED Christmas lights provide. Read on to discover just a few of the many uses of LED Christmas lights as year-round applications. Whether you need LED lights, outdoor Christmas decorations, or RGB lights, let Christmas Designers take care of your lighting needs.

LED Patio Lighting

Patios, decks, gazebos, and all things outdoors have gained popularity in the last decade. People love to entertain, and as a result, the demand for outdoor spaces is increasing. The problem most homeowners face with these areas is that once the sun goes down, without lighting, they become tripping hazards. And who wants a lot of bright lights on while enjoying a relaxing evening outdoors.

Thanks to the low energy usage and no heat output of LED lights, overhead drape lighting, also known as bistro lighting has become popular for outdoor entertainment areas. This type of lighting offers a nice ambiance, without overpowering the area with illumination. Great for those late nights enjoying a drink with good company on the patio.

The National Safety Council recommends good lighting inside and outside your home to help reduce trip and fall injuries.

Pools and Water Features

Adding LED lighting fixtures around your pool or water feature can increase these areas’ beauty and safety. Lighting your pool area without additional wired lighting costs helps ensure your family's safety while preserving the aesthetic of your pool area.

Events and Special Occasion Lighting

Your indoor and outdoor lighting can set the mood for any event you host. Whether you're having a few guests over or looking for light decorations for wedding festivities, LED bulbs will do the trick. Their cost-efficiency, easy installation, and storage-friendly design make them ideal for your social gatherings.

Attach string lights to your ceilings or wrap them around poles and trees. Use net lights over bushes or create lighted curtains in a doorway. Icicle lights can offer a whimsical touch that's perfect for lining walkways or doors. If you're feeling especially fancy, you can use RGB lights to wow your guests with a  twinkly light display.

No matter your preference, our Christmas lights can solve your light needs for any special occasion.

According to the Department of Energy, LED Christmas lights use 85% less energy and last 50% longer than traditional incandescent lamps.

DIY Project

LED Christmas lights offer a great way to start that DIY project you've been delaying. Why waste money on costly home improvement projects when you can add to your home decor with more cost-efficient solutions?

Using LED lights for your DIY project adds lighting to your home while retaining its energy efficiency. Use your LED lights to add to your living room's lamplight or to brighten up the bedroom. 

Your DIY project can save you money while adding to your home's ambiance. Add LED Christmas to your living room and liven up your entertainment with some warm LED lighting. It will make you feel like you're at the drive-in movie theater.

Turn your central lighting off, and set a warm ambiance with your LED light installation. Relax during a night in with your partner while you sit around a fire with a glass of wine.

The National Safety Council recommends good lighting inside and outside your home to reduce trip and fall injuries.

Non-Christmas Decorations

LED lights aren't only used for Christmas lights installations. Whether you're decorating for autumn or Halloween, you can use your LED Christmas lights to showcase your holiday spirit throughout the entire year. Why should you listen to people telling you it's time to take the Christmas decorations down when you can just repurpose them? 

There's something magical about decorating the house with Christmas lights. Why should you only feel that for a few months? Get your creative juices flowing and put those cost-efficient LED light sets to work. You don't need professional installation to make your holiday decor pop.

Other Applications

LED lighting has uses beyond events and parties. For example, LED lights offer a decorative way to lower your energy consumption. Kitchen cabinets and drawers, your front door, stairways, bathrooms- every part of your house can benefit from LED lights.

Create nightlights for younger children by placing an LED light string inside a small container or mason jar. You won't have to worry any longer about cord tangle hazards or hot plug-in nightlights- potential dangers for young children.

You can also use LED lights for bathroom mirrors to improve lighting without installing extra fixtures or wiring. Hang lights behind picture frames or under furniture to supply a designer- backlit effect to existing decor items.

Lux Magazine named LED lighting as a top 10 lighting trend for 2019.

Conclusion- Innovative Uses For LED Christmas Lighting In Your Home

These are just a few ideas to help you see  LED lighting in a whole new way. The potential for decorating with LED lights is endless. They offer the most customizable solution to your indoor and outdoor lighting needs, holiday season or not.

Browse our selection and get creative with your outdoor Christmas decorations, knowing you can use your LED lights year-round. Whether you choose RGB lights or warm white light, you'll know you made the right choice. At Christmas Designers, we look forward to serving your Christmas design needs.