Use LED Christmas Lighting to Create a Warm and Cheery Ambiance for the Outdoors

We're a big proponent of using LED bulbs for Christmas décor. But in truth, the very same LED bulbs that are used for Christmas lighting can be used for a wide range of purposes year-round. One great example is using LED retrofit lights to cast a warm and cheery glow is over an outdoor dining nook in a restaurant. Watch the video below to see how just easy the process can be…

LED Lighting Adds the Perfect Complimentary Touch to Outdoor Dining

When the weather is right, outdoor dining can be an absolutely delightful experience. That's why many restaurants provide outdoor dining nooks - it's a great way to attract patrons. Providing a comfortable and cozy outdoor dining area can also help to set a restaurant apart from competitors that don't offer that same perk. But providing a truly memorable outdoor dining experience requires more than simply moving some tables and chairs outside. It requires creating an atmosphere that accentuates and adds to the charm of dining under the stars. A great way to do that is by adding lighting that's elegant and charming; lighting that helps to generate a festive yet cozy ambiance. And no form of lighting is more up to that task than LED retrofit bulbs.

LED Retrofits Offer Some Practical Advantages Too

LED bulbs are rapidly relegating old-fashioned incandescent bulbs to the archives of history. That's because LEDs offer many advantages that incandescents just can't match - advantages that make LED bulbs perfect for providing ambiance lighting in restaurants. LEDs last longer and are far more energy-efficient than incandescents. And for restaurants, just as for any type of business, equipment that saves money, in the long run, contributes to success.

LED Lighting for Your Backyard or Patio

LED lighting can also be used to create the perfect outdoor environment for your home. Taking these LED lights and using them year-round for your patio or backyard area can create a unique, enchanting, and inviting area that everyone can enjoy. patio lighting installation Best of all, transforming your outdoor area is simple and allows you to get creative when putting together your ideal lighting area.

Installing LED Lights Over An Outdoor Area is Easy

When using retrofit LED bulbs in combo with an empty-socket light line, building custom light lines that perfectly suit an outdoor area becomes a quick and easy task. Whether the goal is to replace existing incandescent lights or to install a new lighting system, building your own light lines is the way to go.

Many Options Available for Creating Unique and Elegant LED Light Lines

Christmas Designers offers many LED bulb designs that are all great choices for outdoor dining areas - both for commercial establishments and private residences. The bulb design used in the video above, the G30, is a particularly popular choice for this purpose.G30 LED Retrofit globe party light Bulb Cool White G30 LED bulbs provide a unique, diffused glow that's perfect for creating a cozy and cheery atmosphere that's so desirable for an outdoor dining area. And the large round bulb design of the G30 also provides a distinctive decorative look. While the G30 retrofit bulb referenced above and in the video is a good choice for your business or residential property, it is important to know that this same technique works just as well when using C7 and C9 LED bulbs. No matter the type of bulb design you select, or whether you’re using it in your backyard or patio, using these retrofit LED bulbs is always a great idea and works to create an ambiance like no other. For businesses, it's the best way to provide customers with an enjoyable, memorable outdoor dining experience - an experience that they'll want to return to enjoy over and over again. outdoor patio lighting Items used in this project: