Christmas LED lights aren't just for the holidays. They can brighten your life all year round.

Even if it isn’t the holiday season right now, there are still several ways you can put your LED Christmas lights or string light sets to good use. These lights work well for illuminating both indoor and outdoor spaces no matter the season and are easily included in DIY decorating projects. Christmas lights are easy to use as decor for events or other get-togethers with friends and family. When the time comes to put away your other Christmas decorations, consider leaving out your LED Christmas lights- they may come in handy sooner than next the next holiday season.led wedding lights

What Are the Benefits of LED Lights?

When preparing for an event, make sure you’re choosing LED lights rather than incandescent bulbs. LED lights last for significantly longer than the average incandescent set, and if a bulb breaks, it’s usually easier to fix. In addition, LED lights are more energy-efficient, display colors more clearly, and work well in both indoor and outdoor settings. For these reasons, LEDs have become the standard for many lighting retailers- even if that retailer isn’t offering Christmas lights.

Worried about losing the warm or cozy glow of incandescent bulbs? There are many soft and warm white Christmas lights available that can provide a similar effect to incandescents. Warm white lights are typically the best Christmas lights to use after the holidays are over, and are easy to use when lighting up your patio, decorating bedrooms, or hosting an event.

Events You Can Make Brighter With Christmas Lights

Decorative lighting can help give your next event a comfortable atmosphere and set the stage for a pleasant afternoon or evening. When planning your next big occasion or party, make sure to consider how you will illuminate your home, backyard, or event space. You might find that using your white Christmas lights is the easiest way to create a unique ambiance for an unforgettable event.


Lighting is one of the most overlooked details when it comes to planning a wedding, as there are many other considerations that seem more important. However, choosing lights to match the occasion is one of the easiest ways to boost the joyous atmosphere of the entire event. White Christmas lights often fit in well for both the ceremony and the reception, though you’ll want to make sure you aren’t choosing anything too overpowering or garish. For this reason, mini-LED lights often work well for the occasion and are sure to brighten up the wedding in an elegant and understated manner.

christmas lights for special events

Backyard Get-Togethers

White string lights or LED retrofit bulbs work well for get-togethers on warm summer evenings in the backyard and patio. The retrofit bulbs used in combo with empty socket light line allow you to build custom lights perfectly suited to your setting. For example, you can try a suspended socket cord for a particularly elegant look.

Retrofit bulbs are available in a wide range of colors and styles. When using the bulbs in conjunction with the empty socket light line, you can swap out bulbs anytime you desire. So you can tweak color combos upon a whim, which makes your display perfectly suited for any custom occasion. Specialty year-round outdoor string lights are also available to brighten up your patio or outdoor seating areas.

Birthday Parties

Make birthday parties at home more memorable by adding a few overhanging string lights to your living or dining room. Both white and multi-color Christmas lights work well for this occasion, and you can easily pair them with other birthday decorations. If you’re hosting a birthday party outside of your home, you can bring along battery-powered string lights instead and still achieve a similar effect.

Other Holidays

Even if it isn't Christmas, LED string lights can still help you celebrate the occasion. Some Christmas lights come with color-changing options, such as Twinkly Pro Home lights, allowing you to change the light colors to match the season. Green lights work well for St. Patrick’s Day, pink or red lights are great for Valentine’s Day, and orange lights are perfect for Halloween. Christmas lights that twinkle and change colors have a pleasant and exciting festive element for any holiday party or get-together.

Business Events

It's likely that your company already owns Christmas lights for its annual Christmas party and decorating the storefront. If you’re in charge of organizing your company gatherings and events, use your inventory of Christmas lights as an easy and inexpensive way to make occasions feel more celebratory. Hang white LEDs or other single-color lights around the sides of the room. You’ll quickly make the room feel more festive, even if it isn’t the holidays.

If your company doesn’t host many events but has LED Christmas lights for the storefront, then you probably already know what many business owners know: Christmas lights attract customers. But here's what many business owners seem not to know: LED Christmas lights can attract customers year-round. You won't want to keep your large Christmas displays up year-round, but there are lots of ways to put your Christmas lights to use throughout the year.

color christmas lights for events and occasions

You can use Christmas lights to accentuate special product displays or to draw attention to special events, like a big sale. Christmas lights can help ramp up customer engagement during other holidays, in the same way as mentioned earlier. Red, white, and blue lights are great for the Fourth of July, for example, or orange and purple for Halloween. With a bit of creativity, the possibilities for your business storefront are endless.

Decorating with White Christmas Lights Year Round

There are many other uses for white Christmas lights after you’ve put away the rest of your holiday decorations. White lights are particularly popular for decorating a dorm room or kid’s bedroom because of the warm glow they provide.

Shelves, bookcases, and windowsills are also ideal places to include white string lights in your home on a semi-permanent basis. You can use mini battery-operated string lights as a table centerpiece, or in a decorative fixture, such as a lantern or jar. There are a variety of ways to use white Christmas lights year-round. Make sure you leave your LEDs out when putting away the rest of your decorations.

Where Can I Get Christmas Lights Year Round for My Event?

Christmas lights can serve as an important lighting solution for many events. Depending on the color and application, you can create an exciting, cozy or familiar atmosphere for you and your guests. If you are hosting a party, business event, or a simple backyard get-together, consider using your Christmas lights to make the occasion fun and memorable.

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