Build excitement for the season by counting down the days to turning on your Christmas lights.

Switch-on day: the day that Christmas lights are switched on for the season. It's a day that all Christmas Enthusiasts look forward to with great anticipation. Because for a Christmas Enthusiast, the switch-on day represents the true beginning of the Christmas season.

For many Christmas Enthusiasts, in fact, the switch-on day is anticipated almost as keenly as Christmas itself. So much so, in fact, that they often are counting down the days until the switch-on day arrives, just like counting down the days before Christmas.

But here's the interesting thing about switch-on day: among Christmas Enthusiasts, it's almost as unique as fingerprints. Because everyone has their own idea of when the switch-on day should be.


There's No Such Thing As Too Early…

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the proper date for the switch-on day is up to each individual Christmas Enthusiast. That's why you'll see Christmas lights start switching on in your neighborhood across a wide range of dates.

Right around Thanksgiving is a popular switch-on time for many people. Others prefer to wait until the month of December rolls around.

And for some Christmas Enthusiasts, earlier is better. Valerie and Robert Heath, for example; the Heaths' switch-on date is in September. And they start preparing for Christmas decorating months ahead of time. They've been doing it that way for decades.

Too early, you're thinking? Nope, there's really no such thing as too early - or too late.

That's what's so wonderful about the switch-on day: your switch-on day can be whenever you want it to be. And in a way, that makes the switch-on day even better than Christmas itself. After all, no matter how eager we may be for it to arrive, it can't actually be Christmas until December 25.

But if you want the switch-on day to be today? Then so be it!

LEDs Help Push the Envelope Of Switch-On Day

We often write about the many great benefits of LED Christmas lights. Things like tremendous energy efficiency and incredible durability. Those qualities have helped many Christmas Enthusiasts redefine switch-on date.

That's because you don't have to worry about excessive energy bills no matter how early you switch on your Christmas lights - even if your switch-on day is in September, like the Heaths. And no matter how early you switch on your Christmas lights, if they're LEDs, they're likely to last for years and years.

Has Your Countdown Begun?

Have you started the countdown on your switch-on day? If not, it certainly isn't too early to begin the countdown.

By the time you read this, in fact, the Heaths will probably have already thrown the switch. Their Christmas lights are probably shining every night. And now the Heaths are counting down to Christmas itself.

And if you don't traditionally countdown to a targeted date for switching on Christmas lights, why not give it a try?

It's a great way to help your family build anticipation of the holiday season. You can involve the kids, too, by letting them take turns crossing days off the calendar. Each day crossed off brings your family one day closer to switch-on day - and to Christmas.

Specifying a switch-on day is also great for helping keep your plans on track, and making sure you have all the light and décor supplies you'll need for this year's Christmas display.

So tell us…when is YOUR switch-on day going to be?