From pool parties to Christmas cocktail parties, a glowing garland is a perfect solution for any event's decor. It can be hard to find a string of lights for every theme, but the good news is you can make one yourself for just about any occasion! You just need a simple string of led Christmas lights and a little imagination—it's easy! Here are some quick steps to get started creating, plus a lot of inspiring DIY ideas. Think of a Theme Valentine's Day? Birthday? Baby shower? Wedding? Pool party? Cookout? Western? Geometric? Astronomic? Animals? Plants? You name it!
  • Gather some supplies: Scissors Glue Markers Paper String and Ribbon Leaves and Flowers Fabric LIGHTS!
Get Creative! You can cut holes in paper and other items to stick the light bulbs in. You can tie or hang things from the light strand. You can wrap a string of lights and a string of something else together. Visualize it with us... ANYTHING can be string lights. Don't believe us? Check out the examples below!

Twinkly Firefly Lights


DIY Star Lights Source


DIY Flower Lights Source


DIY Catt Lights Source


DIY Birthday Hat Lights Source


DIY Heart Lights Source


DIY Pineapple Lights Source


DIY Cactus Lights


DIY Cute Lights Source

  DIY Fall Lights Decor