Bring Your Christmas, Party and Special Event Lighting to Life with Twinkly Music

Twinkly is the leading name in animated smart RGB lighting technology. They have revolutionized the industry by offering premier intelligent lighting solutions. Twinkly lights are on everyone’s wish list for the upcoming holiday season.

Twinkly lights are controllable via an app on your smartphone. Through the app, you can select any color pattern you wish and can control the lighting effects. Thanks to this smart technology, you can literally create millions of different patterns. Christmas Designers is proud to offer Twinkly Home and Twinkly Pro Lights. The most recent addition to their lineup is the Twinkly Music Dongle, a revolutionary device that gives light and shape to music.  

What is the Twinkly Music Dongle?

The Twinky music dongle is a new lighting device that pairs with Twinkly lights sets. Fully optimized for their GEN II products, the Twinkly Music Dongle can be used with all of the latest generation Twinkly light sets. The Twinkly Music Dongle uses advanced algorithms to understand and interpret music or other sound-sources in real-time. The algorithms will uncover key musical elements and create an audio-visual experience that is sure to amaze. On the Twinkly app, the patented Computer Vision feature can detect each LED light’s exact position via a smartphone camera. Each of the LEDs on a Twinkly string set can be controlled to bring music to life. This makes Twinkly lights and the Twinkly Music Dongle perfect for all events--including parties, special events, and holiday celebrations. Whether you are listening to Christmas music, pop, or techno, your Twinky Music Dongle will pick up the beat and use its cutting-edge technology to create stunning patterns. You can also adjust the pattern of lights via the app on your smartphone.  

How Do I Set up the Twinkly Music Dongle?

Using the Twinkly Music Dongle is very easy. Simply plug the dongle into a USB power outlet. Then, place it near any music source. The advanced algorithms utilize automatic BPM detection, and your lights will flash with the music’s beat. You can create an A.I. powered lights show with ease. Additionally, you will need to connect your music dongle to the same WiFi as your Twinkly lights. The lights will automatically start dancing, so you can immediately start enjoying the effect. You can also adjust the colors and patterns of your lights via the app on your smartphone. Simply choose a music driver from the app to create a custom visual effect and watch your lights dance in sync with the music’s beat. All Twinkly Lights are Google Home and Alexa compatible. This means they can be managed and controlled easily via voice commands. Thanks to voice control, you can adjust your lights’ color and brightness and turn them on and off without having to lift a finger. To learn more about Twinkly Home and Twinkly Pro lights, visit our website or check out our YouTube channel. Additionally, you can always reach out to us with any questions via