The very best Christmas displays aren't only about colorful Christmas lights.

As any self-respecting Christmas Enthusiast knows, the primary colors of Christmas are red and green. But do you know why green is a primary Christmas color? It's because of the centuries-old tradition of making greenery a part of Christmas celebrations.

It’s a tradition that took root through the age-old custom of creating mid-winter displays of evergreen foliage. Those cheery displays featuring nature's evergreen finery served to remind our ancestors that winter's dark and dreary days would eventually give way to the life-renewing warmth of spring.

Christmas Garland

The tradition of incorporating greenery into Christmas displays is centuries old. But even today, the very best outdoor Christmas decorations still achieve their splendor with a complimentary touch of green.

Christmas Wreaths Can Add a Perfect Finishing Touch

You can buy Christmas wreaths in a wide array of styles. You can buy them plain or pre-decorated. You can buy them without lights, or with lights already incorporated in the wreath so that all you have to do is plug them in.

And you can buy wreaths sized to fit any Holiday display. You can buy wreaths as large as 12 feet in diameter. That'll grab people's attention!

Adding wreaths to an outdoor Holiday display is like adding a bow to a gift-wrapped Christmas present - it's the perfect complement to any decor. Just like a gift without a bow, a Holiday display without a wreath is plain-Jane.

Wreaths are particularly great for hanging on doors. A door-mounted wreath provides a warm and cheery welcome while also adding a complementary finishing touch to your entire display.

Christmas Garlands Can Serve As an Integral Component of Your Display

Like wreaths, Christmas garlands are also available in a wide range of styles. But while Holiday wreaths are great for adding a finishing touch to a display, garlands are more likely to serve as an integral component of the display.

Garlands, in fact, can be as integral to a display as the Christmas lights themselves. But just like wreaths, garlands add that distinctive touch of greenery that's so necessary for any complete Christmas display.

Here are a few tips for adding garlands to your Holiday display:

  • A rule-of-thumb for wrapping columns with garlands: use a garland that's twice the length of the column you'll be wrapping.
  • For displaying on mantles, use a garland that's about 4 feet longer than the length of the mantle. That will leave a couple of feet to drape over each end of the mantle - an elegant touch.
  • For displaying along fence tops, use 1.5 feet of garland for every 1 foot of fence top. That will permit a series of gentle dips in the run of garland, which looks so much better than a straight run along the fence top.

Remember, too, that garlands are great for decorating at any time of the year, not just Christmas. Décor that incorporates garlands can lend a festive air to any event, anytime - especially with our colored and specialty garlands.

"There's Something Missing In That Display…"

Have you ever had that thought?

Maybe you were looking at some truly spectacular outdoor Christmas display. Perhaps there were thousands of lights arranged in a brilliant and innovative display.

No doubt, that was an impressive display.

But still, you had this nagging feeling that something just wasn't quite right. Something was missing. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it. But like the loveliest of Christmas carols sung just a tiny bit off-key, something was 'off' with that display.

Bet it was the greenery - or rather, the missing greenery.

After all, no Holiday display is truly complete without a touch of green. It's been that way for thousands of years. And that's why garlands and wreaths continue to be indispensable components of the very best Holiday displays.