Today we’re answering one of the most frequently asked questions we receive and that’s, what is the most popular style of Christmas light you sell? That's a question we get asked all the time by people trying to decide which lights they should buy. It's a natural question to ask, and it's also a very easy question to answer. Because by far, our Pro Grade 5 mm Wide Angle Conical is our most popular light set. In fact, we sell more Wide Angle Conicals than all of our other light sets combined. So what makes these lights so incredibly popular? The secret to their popularity lies in the brilliant illumination they provide. Our Pro Grade Wide Angle Conicals are the brightest LED Christmas lights on the market. And they're 25% brighter than traditional incandescent mini lights. The exceptional brilliance of these bulbs is a result of the design of the conical-shaped lens, which serves to focus and maximize the intensity of the light-emitting diodes within the bulb.

The brightness and clarity of our Wide Angle Conicals make them the perfect choice for outdoor lighting projects. Artificial and natural greens and foliage, such as trees, wreaths, garlands, and shrubbery, look great when lit with these lights. They also have the closest look to traditional incandescent mini lights. In fact, other than being brighter, it’s virtually impossible to tell if a tree is lit with incandescent mini lights or LED Conical lights. This is why most professional installers prefer 5 mm Conical LEDs. Now be careful using these sets indoors, though. For some indoor displays, especially small spaces, they might actually be too bright. Instead, consider using T5, M5, or C6 Christmas lights for indoor displays. People love the brilliance of our Pro Grade Wide Angle Conicals, but there's one other feature that contributes to their popularity, and that's their one-piece construction that all our Pro Grade light sets are made with. The one-piece design eliminates any possibility of dirt or water working into the interior of the light set - and that's the number 1 cause of failure with outdoor lights. The one-piece design assures that these lights will hold up better than any other light set when it comes to the harsh conditions that outdoor lighting must endure. The one-piece design does prevent the replacement of individual bulbs. But thanks to the incredibly long life of an LED diode, the failure of individual bulbs is rare. It's far more important to prevent the corrosion caused by dirt and moisture. So if you're trying to decide upon a go-to light set for your outdoor lighting, consider our Pro Grade 5mm Wide Angle Conicals. Lots of people agree that it's the very best choice you could make.