As the world continues to face the challenges of COVID-19, everyone is looking for ways to support their community. In America, people are using Christmas lights to show their solidarity. In particular, blue is being used to show support of first responders, and red, white and blue are being used to display patriotism. In addition, people are decorating their homes with bright lights of all different colors in order to show they are supporting the people in this country during this difficult time.

While any type of Christmas lights can be used to show your spirit, in the video, we show you how to use Twinkly Pro RGB smart lights. They are extremely versatile, and the color can be changed with just the simple push of a button through the Twinkly Pro app. These lights can actually produce up to 17 million different colors, so no matter how you want to show your support of your fellow Americans, you can do so with these lights.

Twinkly's powerful app takes the guesswork and complexities out of mapping and animating even the most complex displays. What previously would take hours of intense installation work and mapping can be done in a very shot time. In the video below, Jason Woodward shows you how easy it is to install and control Twinkly Pro smart lights.


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