Snowflake Solar Tree

If you're a frequent visitor to, you know that we regularly post in-depth articles about the products we sell. But in this case, I'm posting a review of a product that we don't sell. Why would I do that? It's simply because I've been very impressed with this product. I was asked to review it awhile back, and I was so impressed with the product that I volunteered to post the review on our blog. Because I believe that this product is something that a typical Christmas designer customer would really enjoy. The product is a 35" artificial tree intended for outdoor display. It's not a gaudy, in-your-face kind of decoration. Just a simple bare-branched tree adorned with lots of snowflake-shaped, bright white LED lights. And though it's labeled as a "Christmas decoration," there's really nothing about it that's blatantly Christmassy. The solar snowflake tree can certainly be a fine addition to your Christmas décor, but it will also fit right in with your outdoor décor during any time of the year.

Solar Powered…Really!

This is a solar-powered product, as the name indicates. If you've experimented with solar-powered products in the past, you might have been less than impressed. 'Solar-powered' sometimes seems to be code for 'out of juice.' But this product really delivers upon its claim of being solar powered - perhaps because of the low energy draw of the LED lights, or maybe because of improvements in solar technology. That doesn't mean that the snowflake tree will remain lit all night - that would be asking a bit much. But I found that after a day of moderate sunshine, the tree would remain brightly lit for 4 to 5 hours. And after a day of full sun, the tree would stay lit for more than 6 hours. Easily long enough to cover the hours of the evening during which people tend to be out and about. And though the power demands of this little tree wouldn't exactly strain the resources of your local power generating plant, it's nice to 'go green' when feasible. Every little bit helps.

Not-So-Delicate Beauty…

In spite of the delicate beauty of the tree, I found it to be tough and durable. It's been on display in my yard for several months. It's been bombarded with the high UV abuse of a hot Texas summer. It's been routinely drenched every time my lawn sprinklers have kicked on. And it still looks as good and operates as reliably as when it first came out of the box. The solar snowflake tree is a great product - and it's available for a price that nobody can complain about.