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Halloween offers the potential to go about as crazy with décor as any holiday could. For as much as we know that there are Christmas enthusiasts, we know the die-hard Halloween folks are out there, too. The tough part about it is, it’s truly only one night. While Christmas seems to have its own entire season, Halloween comes and goes in a hunting flash. If you’re not quite up to creating a full haunted house within your home, we have a few tips on how to add a tastefully spooky flair to your home and yard. Some of these tips will also help to keep your trick-or-treaters safe as they wander through the night.

Creepy & Colorful Bushes

Transform your existing landscape into a haunting scene, no inflatable creatures, tombstones, or props needed. LED net lights shine bright and drastically reduce the time it takes to cover your bushes and shrubs.

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Spooky Curtain Lights

Lights, fabric, action! Cascade red string lights or purple string lights behind black tulle fabric to make your outdoor or indoor spaces feel especially vampy. You can do this on your porch or even inside of your windows to give your home a ghoulish glow. You can use any color you choose, but we like red because, hey, you can bring them back out for Christmas.

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Creepy Spider Web Lanterns

There is something naturally spooky and eerie about a flickering lantern light. Ghost stories and pop culture have given them a reputation as the light of choice when exploring a frightening haunted house or being carried by gravediggers through graveyards. They create a sense of fragility; will its flame suddenly flicker out and leave you alone in the dark? Let us put your fears to rest! Flameless, battery operated LED lanterns are sure to keep you safe in the light. Not to mention there will be no concerns of knocked over lanterns, as children will likely be gracing your front porch steps throughout the night. Place them nearly anywhere and adorn them with spider webs and creepy crawlies for a fabulously frightening display.

Line Your Sidewalks

Nothing says, “right this way”, to trick-or-treaters like a glowing pathway to your doorstep. Not to mention that it ensures safety in your yard; it can be difficult enough to see in a mask, you know. Choose a haunting color or use white to keep it simple and useful after the holiday is over. Use stakes to secure string lights close to the ground along sidewalk edges.