There’s nothing more satisfying than owning a business that provides a good living for you while making customers exceptionally happy. We know that feeling very well at Christmas Designers because a Christmas lighting and decorating business is just that kind of enterprise. We get to earn money while helping people celebrate an incredibly important time of year.

And as small businesses go, Christmas lighting and décor offers a lot of advantages.

Installing Christmas Decorations

You can earn a full-time income while working only part of a year. There are no special skills, training or education required. Startup costs are lower than in other small businesses. Demand for the service is high; in fact, there aren’t enough pro installers to go around in most regions. And with an average 80% year-to-year customer retention rate among installers, stability and security are very likely.

Benefit from the voice of experience.

For a long time, the only way to learn the Christmas lighting and decorating business was to get a job with an existing company and basically serve an apprenticeship. Once you learned the ropes, and if you had the business acumen for it, you could eventually take a shot at striking out on your own.

That’s certainly one way to do it. But there’s so much collective experience and wisdom that can benefit newcomers to the field, we decided it was time for a textbook on the subject. Starting Your Own Christmas Lighting & Decorating Business is a master class in the Christmas lighting and decorating business from one of the largest, most experienced Christmas businesses in the world

This book is a comprehensive, detailed, 331-page guide to starting and sustaining a successful Christmas light-hanging and décor-installation business. Packed with information and illustrations, and written by Jason Woodward, a 20-year industry veteran, Starting Your Own Christmas Lighting & Decorating Business takes you step-by-step through every possible detail of planning, starting and running a successful Christmas business.

Learn the technical side of the business.

This book takes all the things you once had to learn by working with an established crew and lays them out in easy-to-understand terms with plenty of illustrations. We don’t just tell you how to get the job done, we show you, as well.

It’s all in there: the electrical know-how you’ll need, tools and supplies necessary for doing do a pro-level job, everything you need to know about the various types of Christmas lights, how to deal with different installation scenarios, what it takes to service a job after installation and keep it looking great. And of course, you’ll also learn the best way to take displays down, store your lights and other equipment, and service your gear during the off-season.

Understand the business side of the business.

In addition to getting the specialized technical knowledge you’ll need to get your Christmas business up and running, you’ll also need to answer certain questions that anyone starting a business asks along the way.

Where to start with planning and launching a business? How much to charge? What’s a good technique for closing sales? Where are the best places to advertise? What other kinds of marketing are helpful? All those questions and more are answered in Starting Your Own Christmas Lighting & Decorating Business.

Let us help you avoid common pitfalls.

Getting a small business off the ground is hard work, and Christmas lighting and décor is no exception. The financial rewards can be great, as long as you’re willing to be patient. For instance, we’ve seen a lot of people crash and burn by booking a ton of business before they’ve gotten enough experience to manage that kind of workload. Over-eagerness at the outset can leave you exhausted, discouraged, and the target of a lot of bad reviews. We’ll walk you through how to pace your workload and many other aspects of the business that can defeat your purpose if you don’t approach them the right way.

Start that small business you’ve always wanted.

Take it from us at Christmas Designers—there is no more rewarding way to earn a living than by helping people celebrate at Christmastime. Whether you’re helping a homeowner make a statement in the neighborhood, helping a retailer give customers festive shopping experience, or helping a town create a special atmosphere of community spirit, looking around knowing it was you who made those displays happen is a great feeling.

Starting Your Own Christmas Lighting & Decorating Business is the perfect first investment on the way to owning your own Christmas business. Yes, we’re partial because it’s our book. But because we’ve lived every experience the book addresses, we know that the information inside is solid, honest, and useful.

Once you’ve finished reading Starting Your Own Christmas Lighting & Decorating Business, you’ll know if starting up your own Christmas business is the right move for you and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running with all the know-how you need.