tangled lights 1.6.14

We all know that scene from National Lampoons when Clark brings out the tubs of lights, and to the utter dismay of his son, they are all tangled in a huge ball. Doesn’t really scream FUN! So, in order to avoid this scenario, we have a few great tips that are sure to make the weekend in November a slam dunk!

  1. If you have had some bad weather and there is rain/snow/ice on your lights, make sure you dry them off 100% before storing them.
  2. Be sure to label the lights with some masking tape on the ends to make it easy to reinstall next year.
  3. Age your lights. This is important because older lights are more prone to failure. By knowing which light sets are older than others, you can put the older ones in a less visible area so if they do fail, you can get them changed without it affecting your total Christmas Lighting look. One easy way you can do this is to use a different color zip cord at the end of each strand (blue for 2012, green for 2013, etc)
  4. It’s best to store Christmas lights in a tub in either your house or garage and NOT in the attic. The very high temperatures in the attic tend to reduce the life of the light sets.
  5. When you take down the bulbs, wrap them bulb to bulb (see picture below) and then a rubber band in the middle to hold them together.

Wrapped up light set 1.6

Follow these Christmas light storage tips and your lights will flow freely out of your light tubs year after year!