It's been a big summer for Christmas Designers. We've moved into a new warehouse to accommodate our booming business. And our family keeps growing, too. The newest addition to the Christmas Designers family is Vee Barrows. Vee will be based at our South Florida location.

Vee Barrows

Vee will have a very important job at Christmas Designers: expanding sales. She is certainly up to the task. Vee has more than 30 years of experience selling a wide range of products and services to distributors and retailers. Her client list has included major retailers, online retailers, and specialty retailers. Vee's sales experience has also ranged wide geographically, encompassing much of North America, including the United States and Canada. She is also experienced in providing sales assistance and in managing territorial sales reps.

Vee spent many years in the fashion industry based in New York City, where she sold ladies' dresses and sportswear. And she spent time in the staffing industry, selling both temporary and permanent placement services.

Most recently Vee has worked with Dyno Seasonal Solutions, a major manufacturer of seasonal décor. Vee spent 7 years with DSS, selling both retail and commercial holiday products manufactured in China, Mexico, and the U.S. Through her experience with DSS Vee has developed specialized expertise in the Christmas industry, with experience in designing, sourcing, producing, importing, shipping, and selling Christmas-related products. Her customer list included some of the world's largest retailers, including Lowes, Target, CVS - and Christmas Designers.

Vee currently lives in South Florida, where she enjoys the beach, traveling, and spending time with her family.