We sell many wonderful products at Christmas Designers.

But one of our very favorite products tends to fly under the radar a little bit. And that's a shame because it means lots of Christmas Enthusiasts are missing out on one of the most delightful of holiday decorations: animated snowfall tubes.

LED Snowfall Tubes

Enchanting, and a Little Bit Magical

The very best Christmas decorations? They don't necessarily blind us with brilliance or stun us with spectacle.

The best holiday decorations are those that seem a little bit magical, and those that have the power to mesmerize and enchant like the flickering flames of a campfire. And our snowfall tubes deliver on both counts.

It's a delight just to watch a single snowfall tube mimicking the gentle descent of a fat snowflake through a moonlit sky. But when you incorporate a dozen or so throughout your outdoor Christmas décor, you'll elevate your display to a completely new level.

If you've felt that your display has been lacking an undefined something in recent years - a final finishing touch, a means of elevating your display above the mundane and ordinary - snowfall tubes might just be your answer.

A Delightful Use of LED Technology

Each snowfall tube consists of a vertical string of LED diodes. With each cycle of the animation sequence, the very first diode at the top of the string flashes on in a brilliant but brief burst of light. And then as the first diode fades off, the next in line flash on.

The waterfall cascade of lights continues in sequence until each diode, top to bottom, has flashed on and then cycled off. Then after a brief pause, the entire cycle begins again.

A display of several of the tubes mounted in a bare-branched tree, all cycling at different intervals, can be absolutely mesmerizing. It's a delightful use of some of the unique capabilities of LED technology.

Variety AND Quality

Our snowfall tubes are available in three different lengths:

• 12 inches
• 24 inches
• 36 inches

You should be aware that our snowfall tubes are NOT the same products that you'll find in big box stores. The snowfall tubes sold by the mega-retailers are just like all of their other Christmas lights: The lights are molded into the line at fixed intervals so that the entire line is one piece, lights and all.

But our snowfall tubes are self-contained units. They're designed to be used with an empty socket light line. You just measure out the amount of light line you want to use, cut it to length, and screw in the snowfall tubes.

That offers you tremendous flexibility, both in total line length and in spacing between the tubes. That degree of flexibility is something you just won't get buying snowfall tubes from the big box stores.

And unlike the tubes sold by mega-retailers - all built to the cheapest standards possible - our snowfall tubes are built to last. They are designed and manufactured to commercial-grade standards. You can expect that our snowfall tubes will serve you well for years.

The Perfect Finishing Touch

So whether you're a very experienced Christmas Enthusiast, or a Christmas lighting newbie planning on tackling your first outdoor decoration, consider adding snowfall tubes to your display. They're easy to install, and can be even more budget-friendly than decorating trees with lots of mini-lights or larger bulbs.

But most importantly, Snowfall Tubes will add the perfect finishing touch to your display. It's a great way to ensure that your display absolutely delights friends, family, and sightseeing passers-by. And that, after all, is what Christmas decorations are all about.