Have a Holiday Ball With HoliSpheres

When you buy Christmas decorations that are easy to use, easy to store, and suitable for use on many occasions throughout the year, you're getting great value for your money. And that's the case with Holispheres.

Holispheres are simple in design; it's one of those products that make you wonder why nobody thought of them before. But their simplicity of design is belied by the astounding array of festive decorating options they offer.

Holisheres for Christmas Decorating

Assembly is a Literal Snap

Each HoliSphere consists of 3 rings. To assemble, you simply slide the inner notches in ring two over ring one. Then you align the inner notches on ring three over rings one and two and slide in place. Simple and quick. (Each ring is numbered for easy identification.)

Once the rings are assembled, you have a perfect sphere ready for decorating. And when disassembled, the rings lay flat inside the plastic storage pouch, making them easy to store in between uses.

It may turn out, though, that you don't store away your HoliSpheres all that often. That's because there's a wealth of ways to use them for theme-oriented holiday decorations throughout the year, and for one-off parties and celebrations at any time of the year.

Holisheres for Landscape
Sure, HoliSpheres are Great for Christmas. But That's Just the Beginning…

The outer rim of each HoliSphere ring is serrated with lots of little teeth, which makes wrapping a string of lights around the HoliSphere ball very quick and easy. Within mere seconds you can have a HoliSphere assembled and wrapped with lights. You can even hang each HoliSphere by the cord of the lights used to decorate it, making it simple to dangle them from trees or ceilings.

Snap together a 10" HoliSphere, for example, wrap a string of 100 LED mini-lights around it, and almost instantly you've got a beautiful Christmas sphere ready to hang amidst your holiday decorations.

But in essence, each HoliSphere is a blank canvas, just awaiting your creativity in adorning it with décor suitable for any occasion. You're only limited by your imagination, but here are a few starter ideas:

  • Wrap HoliSpheres with red, white, and blue LED light strings (and/or red, white, and blue tissue paper) for the Fourth of July celebrations.
  • Create an eerie-looking floating ghost for Halloween by wrapping HoliSpheres with white lights and draping with dangling cheesecloth.
  • Spray-paint HoliSpheres gold and wrap with white lights on a gold-colored chord for formal parties or special celebrations.
  • Inflate multi-colored balloons inside light-wrapped HoliSpheres for a fun and unique party decoration.

HoliSpheres Are Fun Even Before You Use Them

Though they're simple and inexpensive, HoliSpheres offer an amazing range of decorating options. And that's part of their attraction - you can have lots of fun dreaming up ways to use them before you even take them out of the package!

HoliSpheres come in 10", 12" and 14" sizes, and are available in 4 colors: green, black, brown and white.

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