The Spot for Your Christmas Tree Makes All the Difference

Christmas is getting closer. So it’s about time to bring out your indoor Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is one of the main attractions in your home during the holidays. It’s also one of the most present and visible displays that you’ll have. After all, it sits with you in your home. And the family gathers around it to open those thoughtfully picked presents (by the way, have you started your Christmas shopping yet?)

Where you put your Christmas tree makes a difference, from how you decorate it to how you see it. Before you decide, or even if you already have but don’t mind changing plans, you should consider the benefits to each location. Let this article act as your guide on how the different locations can bring out the best from your indoor Christmas tree.

christmas trees around homePlaces to Put Your Indoor Christmas Tree

Beside a Front Window

Near your front window is the perfect place for a stunning and proud Christmas tree. Showcasing your beautifully decorated house to the neighborhood? Your Christmas tree near the front window makes a welcome sight among your outdoor display.

christmas tree by front windowThis location is a great choice for complementing the style of your outdoor lighting. Coordinate the Christmas lights on the outside of your home with those on your indoor tree, and you’ll have a unified theme that augments the style of your arrangement. With your tree near the window, your home will emanate a warm, inviting glow that adds a charming appeal to your neighborhood.

Entertainment Room

This choice for placement means a balance between entertaining guests and enjoying special holiday moments. The entertainment room is usually busy during the holiday season, so expect your friends and family to regularly take in the sight of your wonderful tree.

Twinkly Christmas tree in entertainment roomA Christmas tree will brighten your entertainment room. And you can be in control over exactly how bright with RGB Smart Lights by Twinkly. Set the level of the lights to what you want, when you want. Go with dim when watching a movie, or full power to demonstrate the magic of cutting-edge LED Christmas lights. Control is made convenient through integration on your smartphone with the Twinkly app. Open up a world of possibilities for holiday entertainment with a full range of customizable options in colors and special effects, all available at your fingertips. For a dazzling display that will delight the whole family, look no further than RGB Smart Lights by Twinkly.

By the Stairs

The area near your stairs generally has a higher ceiling. And that leaves room to place a taller tree. Here you can place a spectacular towering tree of up to 12 feet, or higher if your ceiling allows, for multi-floor splendor. A taller tree requires more decorations to fill up its extra branches, so more work is necessary. But the magnificent character that a taller tree adds to a house is worth the effort.

12 foot two story christmas tree near stairsYou’ll also have a higher vantage point for a fresh perspective on your tree and its decorations. Topping off your tree with a North Star or other crowning decoration? By the stairs might make the job of adorning the tree with its highest decoration a whole lot easier—as long as your tree is close enough to the stairs. Also, a curved staircase complements the circular shape of your tree’s outward spread.

By the Fireplace

The fireplace is a classic piece in Christmas tradition. Santa Claus typically makes his way into the house by entering the chimney and arriving through the fireplace (although he finds a way for homes that have neither). Stockings hang from the mantel above the fireplace. And roaring fireplaces are a part of iconic imagery featuring families enjoying jolly Christmas moments together.

Put your Christmas tree by the fireplace to enrich the warm atmosphere in your home. And warm goes well with warm, which is why warm white lights are great for a tree near the fireplace. Warm white LED Christmas lights contribute well to the yellow and orange hues that a fire produces.

christmas tree by fireplaceAt Christmas Designers, we want everyone to have a happy and especially safe holidays. So please ensure that your tree is placed a safe distance away from any fire to prevent creating a hazard.

Game Room, Office, or Man Cave

Want to try something different with your tree? The opportunities are on the table in these kinds of rooms. Is allegiance to your favorite team shown high and low in your man cave? Build your tree into a beacon of team spirit when you place it here. Does your game room scream retro flair? Deck your tree with matching throwback decorations. There are no rules to the creative motifs you can make, especially in rooms that are all about having good times.

Who says you can’t bring the cheer into where you work? Lighten the mood in your office and make the workday a bit brighter. And for some, looking at the promise on the horizon is motivating. So let your Christmas tree in the office serve as a reminder of the best day yet to come—Christmas!


The bedroom is your own sanctuary—and your own place where to put up a more personal tree. Color trees and smaller styles are popular in bedrooms. And smaller trees have less volume, so decorating is a breeze. A slender Christmas tree is a great choice to consider for your bedroom. The compact size of a slender tree leaves you with more space so that your bedroom stays comfortable. And the slim appearance of a slender tree can provide just the right dash of unique touch to spice up the holiday.

Christmas tree in bedroomPut your Christmas tree in the bedroom to admire it at the beginning and ending of your days as well. Say goodnight to your tree as you drift off to sleep, and give it a good morning as you hop out of bed to start your day. The bedroom is an ideal place for a tree if you want your own special slice of Christmas.

Where to set up your Christmas tree

Need help deciding where to put your Christmas tree? Reach out via the contact info below for expert advice on finding the best spot to place your tree, or for your other holiday decorating needs. Let us help you get your home looking its best for the holidays. Contact us today!