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Animated RGB Lights

Minleon RGB Lights

Ready to amp up your Christmas lighting project? Or perhaps looking to take your stage production to the next level? Time to treat your restaurant visitors to a custom animated RGB light display? Christmas Designers has a complete line of Minleon RGB Christmas lights, controllers and accessories to help you make a statement. This isn’t your low cost, big box retail RGB Christmas lights. Minleon RGBs are made for serious commercial applications when quality, cutting edge tech and longevity are key elements to the success of your project.

Animated RGB LightsRGB Animated Christmas Lights

The latest generation Minleon RGB technology combines cutting edge hardware with an open source platform to create an animation lighting system that is unmatched in the industry. From a simple animated tree, to a multi-million dollar holiday extravaganza, we have the perfect RGB solution for your lighting needs.

Fully animated commercial Christmas tree with over 17 million color combinations, advanced RGB technolory and 26 pre-programmed special effects. All packaged into a tree that is easy to install, requires minimal upkeep and is guaranteed to amaze even the most discerning Christmas enthusiast.

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Animated RGB Christmas Tree

  RGB Animated Christmas Lights

  RGB Pebble Lights offer maximum illumination from any angle.

                  Plug and Play for simplified installation
                  22 Special Effects Settings
                  Rated for indoor/outdoor use
                  Available from 12' to 50'
                  Latest Generation RGB Technology
                  Full Spectrum RGB Color Change