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C7 LED Lights

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C7 LED Christmas Lights

C9s may be the most common choice for perimeter lighting, but the slightly smaller C7 LED Christmas lights are an essential tool in their own right. Measuring just over 2” from base to tip, their bright-medium-sized bulbs pop and highlight the contours of a structure, imbuing it with a modern Christmas feel.

What makes them special?

1. Multipurpose design – They offer the bulbous, vintage look in a smaller package, making them versatile, yet precise and modern.

2. Perfect when you need a smaller option – C9s will likely be your go-to for large perimeters, but for smaller structures, C7s look cleaner and crisper.

Where should I use them?

Like C9s, C7s are ideal for perimeter lighting, particularly for outlining door frames or windows, wrapping tree trunks, or highlighting smaller structures around your display. Since they’re relatively new to the scene in comparison to the “classic” C9s, they’re great for adding a contemporary vibe to your displays.