C9 Christmas Lights

Set Descending Direction

C9 LED Christmas Lights

C9 LED Christmas lights are the classic Christmas lights. With their big, large bulbs and high illumination, they’ve been synonymous with the holiday season for more than 90 years. Though they’re most popularly used in perimeter lighting, they can be deployed almost anywhere to dazzle and draw the eye.

What makes them special?

1. Iconic design – These are the lights that instantly come to mind when most folks picture Christmas lights, and for good reason.

2. Big and bold – Their large lenses and powerful diodes make them stand out in any display.

3. Vintage appeal – Since they’ve been around forever, C9s can lend a throwback feel to your display when needed, while maintaining the numerous benefits of modern LEDs.

Where should I use them?

C9s will be your go-to perimeter lighting in most displays, clipped to the awning or staked along the driveway. But they also pop when scattered in tall trees, and can be used anywhere you want a big and bright feature.