Light Curtain Outlet Bar

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Custom create your own light curtain with this 6-foot light curtain outlet bar. With the 12 outlets spaced 6" apart, you can plug in your own light strings to create the perfect look for your occasion. Whether you want to use pure white lights, warm white lights, or colored lights, this curtain outlet bar can be a great tool for any DIY project. Weddings, birthday parties, Christmas displays, and other holidays and occasions are a great event to celebrate using a light curtain. Make your event even more special and fun with this special lighting accessory that makes you look like a pro each and every time that you use it.

A visual impact can be made even more stunning by making a light curtain, whether you are delineating a part of a room or you are simply making a wall stand out. This curtain outlet bar lets you be the decorator.

  • • Length of light bar is 6' long
  • • 12 outlets on each bar
  • • Outlets are spaced 6" apart
  • • White bar for maximum usage

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Light Curtain Outlet Bar **Clearance Sale! All Sales Final!**

  • • Length: 6'
  • • Outlets: 12
  • • Spacing: 6"
  • • Color: White