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Twinkly Pro-100L - Ideal for Wreaths and Garland Lighting

Upgrade your Christmas greens with Twinkly Pro garland and wreath light sets. Shorter than standard Twinkly Pro sets to create an optimum length light set that allows for easier lighting of Christmas greenery.
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Twinkly Pro - 100L, Designed for Wreaths and Garlands RGB Capsule Lights, 6" Spacing with Green Wire, Single Line

    • • Brand: Twinkly Pro™
    • • Bulb Style: 6mm Capsule, Addressable LED
    • • Bulb Count: 100
    • • Bulb Color: RGB - over 16 million colors
    • • Bulb Spacing: 6"
    • • Wire Color: Green
    • • Wire Gauge: 22 Gauge
    • • Light Set Length (First Bulb to Last): 62.5'
    • • Lead Length: 6'
    • • Connector Type: Coaxial Connect, no end connection. Multiple sets are grouped via a control box.
    • Max Number of Sets: 15,000 bulb maximum grouped together, dependent on Controller used. Controller Not Included

Twinkly Pro™ 1 Port Wifi Controller - Controls up to 250 Bulbs

Twinkly Pro™ 2 Port Wifi Controller - Controls up to 500 Bulbs

Twinkly Pro™ 6 Port Wifi Controller - Controls up to 1500 Bulbs

        • Controller Technology: Available via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Ethenet 
        • Grouping: Unable to group RGB Home and RGB Pro together. Unable to group RGB and RGBW lights together.  
        • Music Syncing: Yes, integrated music and voice sensor only via Wi-Fi Control. 1 or 2 Port Controllers Only
        • Controller Interface: Advanced Twinkly Pro app interface via Apple smart phones and Apple iPads. Not currently compatible with Android Devices.
        • Water Proof Rating: IP 65
        • UL Rated: Yes, for indoor or outdoor use
        • Watts: 26 Watts at maximum intensity
        • Ideal Applications: Artificial trees, wreaths garlands, exterior foliage, animated displays, RGB curtain lights
        • Usage Category: Commercial, residential and professional applications
        • Warranty: Two Years