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    Our best deals on a variety of Christmas lights, bulbs, hardware, greenery and decorations up to 60% off!

  • LED Christmas Lights

    LED Christmas Lights

    The latest generation Pro Grade LED Christmas lights offer vibrant colors, high grade components, and long life expectancy all while using up to 90% less power.

  • Incandescent Christmas Lights

    Incandescent Christmas Lights

    Our traditional Christmas lights combine the classic look of incandescent bulbs with high quality light sets that are designed for demanding holiday lighting projects.

  • LED Replacement Bulbs

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    LED retrofit replacement bulbs available in a variety of shapes and sizes including C7, C9, and G50. Top bulb choice of professional Christmas installers.

  • Incandescent Replacement Bulbs

    Incandescent Replacement Bulbs

    C7 and C9 traditional incandescent replacement bulbs. A great choice when budgets are tight. A great alternative to LED Christmas lights.

  • Empty Socket Light Line

    Empty Socket Light Line

    C7, C9 and medium base empty socket light line available in bulk spools of 500 and 1,000 ft as well as by the foot. It’s never been easier to achieve professional perimeter lighting results.

  • Clips & Hangers

    Clips & Hangers

    A wide variety of professional light hanging clips for a wide variety of surface types and lighting applications.

  • Electrical Supplies

    Electrical Supplies

    Make your own extension cords with 18/2 zip and Vampire Plugs or select one of many options in ready-made electrical cords as well as a full selection of electrical components.

  • Christmas Wreaths

    Christmas Wreaths

    High quality Deluxe Oregon Fir and Mixed Pine Wreaths available in sizes ranging from 24” to 12’. Lit, unlit and fully decorated options available as well.

  • Garlands


    Thick, lush Deluxe Oregon Fir and Mixed Pine Garland available in 14” and 18” diameters. Available unlit or fully lit with the latest generation LED Christmas lights.

  • Christmas Trees

    Christmas Trees

    Commercial outdoor Christmas trees ranging in size from 12’ to 100’ tall. High strength steel frames, top quality electrical components and thick lush greenery, create a stunning centerpiece for any commercial Christmas program.

  • Commercial Christmas Decorations

    Commercial Christmas Decorations

    Top quality commercial Christmas decorations for businesses, communities and cities. Featuring quick assembly, high grade materials and the latest generation LED technology.

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