The #1 Choice for Pros and Christmas Enthusiasts

LED Christmas Lights

  1. 5mm Wide Angle Conical

    5mm Wide Angle Conical

    Pro Christmas 5 mm Wide Angle Conical LED Christmas Lights are the #1 professional used Christmas light in the world. Bright concave bulbs with amazing vivid colors.

  2. C6 LED Lights

    C6 LED Lights

    C6 LED Christmas lights are ideally suited for holiday foliage lighting, artificial greens illumination and year round accent lighting. Unique diamond cut lens for maximum visibility.

  3. M5 LED Mini Lights

    M5 LED Mini Lights

    We offer M5 LED mini lights in every color and color combination. These bright diamond cut mini string lights are also available in two wire colors.

  4. C7 LED Lights

    C7 LED Lights

    Our C7 Christmas lights are made to last with a beautiful diamond cut design and brilliant LED light guaranteed for three seasons, available in several colors.

  5. C9 Christmas Lights

    C9 Christmas Lights

    The C9 Christmas lights from Christmas Designers are professional installer quality, diamond cut design, and are available in many color options.

  6. T5 LED Christmas Lights

    T5 LED Christmas Lights

    If you want the look of the traditional mini Christmas lights, but in the new LED energy-saving style of today, we offer these T5 mini lights.

  7. G30 LED Lights

    G30 LED Lights

    Our Pro Christmas LED G30 sets will illuminate indoor and outdoor providing a smooth and crisp pop of light.

  8. LED Icicle Lights

    LED Icicle Lights

    We offer a selection of LED icicle lights in a variety of colors in twinkling and steady lights perfect for outdoor Christmas or event lighting.

  9. Christmas LED Net Lights

    Christmas LED Net Lights

    A wide variety of net Christmas lights with 5mm wide angle conical LED lights in both white and green wires.

  10. Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas Lighting

    Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas Lighting

    Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas lights take the guess work out of animated Christmas lighting. Powerful RGB lights combine with an innovative professional level app to create eye catching animated effects.

  11. Twinkly Home RGB Christmas Lights

    Twinkly Home RGB Christmas Lights

    Twinkly Home RGB Christmas Lights are the affordable solution for fully customizable RGB animated lighting. With 17 million colors and a powerful, intuitive app, it's virtually limitless what you can achieve.

  12. LED Snowfall Lights

    LED Snowfall Lights

    Top quality snowfall lights in sizes from 5" to 36" long. Available in 5 different colors, steady or animated LED Lights.

  13. LED Fairy Lights

    LED Fairy Lights

    Enjoy the magical illumination of LED Fairy Lights. Tiny droplets of LED micro lights are perfect for decorating and craft projects all year long.

  14. LED Snowflakes

    LED Snowflakes

    LED Snowflake lights are an elegant way to display the Christmas and holiday spirit! We offer snowflakes in 12" all the way up to 48" sizes.

  15. LED Spheres

    LED Spheres

    Pro Christmas LED light spheres are ideally suited for hanging from trees, ceilings and even as illuminated tabletop Christmas display pieces.

  16. LED Foldable Spheres

    LED Foldable Spheres

  17. Christmas Laser Projector

    Christmas Laser Projector

    With the push of a button, create an enchanting display of dancing lights that work perfectly with or without other Christmas decorations.

  18. Battery Operated Lights

    Battery Operated Lights

    Battery operated Christmas lights are helpful for those places where a cord would be in the way. We offer battery operated 5mm LED, M5 mini and fairy lights.

  19. LED Curtain Lights

    LED Curtain Lights

    We have everything you need to make a beautiful light curtain including the rods, white LED string lights and weights for the perfect curtain effect.

LED Christmas Lights

PRO Christmas LED Christmas Lights

Pro Christmas LED Christmas Lights have been recognized throughout the world as the best Christmas lights on the market. These are definitely not the type of mini lights that you buy at a big box retail store. As the name implies, Pro Christmas light sets are designed specifically for professional Christmas light installers. No other light set is trusted more for demanding commercial Christmas applications.

What about for standard residential use? Can Pro Christmas lights be used by homeowners for their home lighting and decorating? Of course! The light sets may be designed for commercial Christmas use, but they are ideally suited for everyday home applications. Here’s what Good Morning America and The New York Times said about our LED Christmas Lights.

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“Christmas Designers’ 5 mm Wide Angle Conical LED is our favorite Christmas light set”
- ABC's Good Morning America
“The best outdoor Christmas lights are Christmas Designers’ 5mm Wide Angle Conical LED lights. These lights are bright, durable and completely waterproof.”
- New York Times’, The Sweethome
Bulb Types and Sizes
C6 Bulb covered in snow. Colorful lights

Not Your Standard LED Christmas Lights

An estimated 150 million light sets are sold each year in America, lighting up a total of 80 million homes. Unfortunately, most of these lights will fail after a very short period of time. And even more tragic is the fact that many of these are traditional incandescent mini lights, which use 90% more electricity than the latest generation LED Christmas lights.

Out of the 150 million lights sold every year, the majority of the sets are low-cost retail-grade stringer sets. Not the type of light set you’ll find being used in quality holiday displays. Definitely not the type of product you’d find being used by professional installers or dedicated Christmas Enthusiasts.

Pro Christmas LED Christmas Lights are not sold in retail stores. These sets are designed for pros but are equally suited for casual home use. And no need to be concerned about paying a lot more for a better quality Christmas light. Pro Christmas stringer sets cost about 10% more than their low-quality retail grade counterparts, but they’ll last 3 times as long. In the end, you’ll save a lot of money and have a light set that is designed for even the harshest winter conditions.

In 1900, a string of 16 vaguely flame-shaped bulbs sitting in brass sockets the size of shot glasses sold for a pricey $12 (about $350 in today’s money).

White M5 LED Christmas Lights

Pro Christmas LED Christmas Lights Key Features

  • 1 piece LED bulb/socket design prevents dirt and moisture of entering the lighting system.
  • High-intensity LED diodes for maximum illumination.
  • 90% less electricity than traditional Christmas lights.
  • High strength connections prevent wires from pulling out, even in harsh winter conditions.
  • Colors are 3 times more vivid than traditional Christmas lights.
  • Robust factory QC testing. Every light set is hand-inspected and tested by a trained Quality Control Specialist.
  • UL Rated for indoor and outdoor use.
  • 75,000-hour bulb life.
  • Connect 8 times more sets together than traditional mini light sets.

LED Christmas Light Lens Designs

5 mm Wide Angle Conicals Pro Christmas 5 mm Wide Angle Conical LED Christmas Lights make up the backbone of the professional Christmas lighting industry. These sets are used on 60% of the professional installed outdoor holiday lighting programs throughout the United States.

Thanks to a unique concave bulb design, the illumination intensity for a Wide Angle Conical is 25% brighter than traditional Christmas lights. The low-profile bulb is nearly indestructible, even in the most demanding outdoor applications.

M5 Christmas Lights M5 light sets have a similar bulb design to traditional incandescent mini lights, but thanks to the surface facets, the illumination these sets display is smooth and pleasing to the eye. M5s are ideally suited for outdoor foliage lighting as well as small interior spaces where the intensity of a 5 mm Wide Angle Conical would be too much. Shop Now

T5 LED Mini Lights If you’re looking for a light set that is as close as possible to the vintage mini stringer light set, then the T5 would be your pick. With the smooth lens, elongated bulb and classic illumination, the T5 is virtually an exact match to the traditional Christmas light.Shop Now

C6 Diamond Cut Light Sets The big brother to the classic M5 Christmas light, the C6 is a great choice when you want a little larger bulb, but aren’t ready to move into the more popular C7 and C9 bulbs. C6 stringer sets are ideally suited for a wide variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor. Pro Christma installers have recently begun using more and more of these as a unique larger bulb alternative to the more popular 5 mm Wide Angle Conical. Shop Now

M5, T5, C6 Bulb Christmas Lights
C7 Stringer Bulb Sample

C7 Stringer LED Christmas Lights C7 stringer light sets are a favorite for outlining landscape and building features. While it’s true that most Pro Christmas installers don’t use C7 stringer sets, but instead opt for the more robust C7 LED replacement bulb with empty socket light line. However, for the average Christmas Enthusiast, there are a number of great applications where a C7 stringer set works great. Shop Now

C9 Stringer Bulb Sample

C9 Stringer LED Christmas Lights C9s are the king of Christmas lighting. And while C9 LED Replacement Bulbs used with empty socket light line, do tend to get all the glory, however, there’s still plenty of room for the slightly smaller bulb C9 stringer LED light set.

C9 stringer sets are ideal for outlining landscape features in combination with light stakes as well as accenting the foliage of large trees. In order to achieve maximum illumination, the lens size of a standard C9 stringer set is about 15% smaller than its traditional counterpart, the C9 LED Replacement Bulb. Shop Now