The #1 Choice for Pros and Christmas Enthusiasts

LED Christmas Lights

  1. 5mm Wide Angle Conical

    5mm Wide Angle Conical

    Pro Christmas 5 mm Wide Angle Conical LED Christmas Lights are the #1 professional used Christmas light in the world. Bright concave bulbs with amazing vivid colors.

  2. M5 LED Mini Lights

    M5 LED Mini Lights

    We offer M5 LED mini lights in every color and color combination. These bright diamond cut mini string lights are also available in two wire colors.

  3. C6 LED Lights

    C6 LED Lights

    C6 LED Christmas lights are ideally suited for holiday foliage lighting, artificial greens illumination and year round accent lighting. Unique diamond cut lens for maximum visibility.

  4. C7 LED Lights

    C7 LED Lights

    Our C7 Christmas lights are made to last with a beautiful diamond cut design and brilliant LED light guaranteed for three seasons, available in several colors.

  5. C9 Christmas Lights

    C9 Christmas Lights

    The C9 Christmas lights from Christmas Designers are professional installer quality, diamond cut design, and are available in many color options.

  6. T5 LED Lights

    T5 LED Lights

    If you want the look of the traditional mini Christmas lights, but in the new LED energy-saving style of today, we offer these T5 mini lights.

  7. LED Icicle Lights

    LED Icicle Lights

    We offer a selection of LED icicle lights in a variety of colors in twinkling and steady lights perfect for outdoor Christmas or event lighting.

  8. LED Net Lights

    LED Net Lights

    A wide variety of net Christmas lights with 5mm wide angle conical LED lights in both white and green wires.

  9. LED Snowfall Lights

    LED Snowfall Lights

    Top quality snowfall lights in sizes from 5" to 36" long. Available in 5 different colors, steady or animated LED Lights.

  10. LED Cluster Lights

    LED Cluster Lights

    Ultra-bright 2 mm mini Conical bulbs clustered on a Pro Grade light set w/8 function controller creates a spectacular light set.

  11. LED Compact Lights

    LED Compact Lights

    Unique 2 mm ultra-bright Conical bulbs spaced only 1 inch apart with an 8 function memory controller.

  12. LED Spheres

    LED Spheres

    Pro Christmas LED light spheres are ideally suited for hanging from trees, ceilings and even as illuminated tabletop Christmas display pieces.

  13. LED Snowflakes

    LED Snowflakes

    LED Snowflake lights are an elegant way to display the Christmas and holiday spirit! We offer snowflakes in 12" all the way up to 48" sizes.

  14. Cascade Branches

    Cascade Branches

    European designed LED Cascade Branches offers a sophisticated, modern twist on traditional Christmas lighting.

  15. Animated Interior Christmas Tree Lights

    Animated Interior Christmas Tree Lights

    Our LED Christmas Tree lights are easy to hang in 5 minutes with this unique two-step process available in cool and warm white.

  16. Battery Operated Lights

    Battery Operated Lights

    Battery operated Christmas lights are helpful for those places where a cord would be in the way. We offer battery operated 5mm LED, M5 mini and fairy lights.

  17. LED Curtain Lights

    LED Curtain Lights

    We have everything you need to make a beautiful light curtain including the rods, white LED string lights and weights for the perfect curtain effect.

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