The #1 Choice for Pros and Christmas Enthusiasts

5mm Wide Angle Conical

5mm Wide Angle Conical LED Christmas lights are the most common lights used by professional installers and dedicated enthusiasts, outselling our other sets by 10 to one. In fact, the vast majority of professional installers worldwide use wide angle conicals almost exclusively. There’s a reason why Christmas Designers’ 5mm Christmas lights were ranked the top pick for outdoor lights by The Wirecutter in 2018.

What makes them special?

1. Superior illumination – Their conical lens maximizes LED intensity, making them 25% brighter than traditional incandescent Christmas lights.

2. Unparalleled durability – Their one-piece design keeps moisture in sleet and snow, making them waterproof, weatherproof, and nearly indestructible.

3. Distinctive and eye-catching – The lens design and the brightness of the diodes makes them especially vibrant and attractive.

Where should I use them?

5 mm Wide Angle Conicals are the workhorse of the Christmas light world. They’re ideal almost anywhere in your outdoor display or exterior foliage lighting projects.