1. Christmas Wreaths

    Christmas Wreaths

    High quality Deluxe Oregon Fir and Mixed Pine Wreaths available in sizes ranging from 24” to 12’. Lit, unlit and fully decorated options available as well.

  2. Garland and Sprays

    Garland and Sprays

    <p>Thick, lush Deluxe Oregon Fir and Mixed Pine Garland available in 14” and 18” diameters. Available unlit or lit with the latest generation LED Christmas lights.</p>

  3. Signature Collection - Wreaths, Garlands and Sprays

    Signature Collection - Wreaths, Garlands and Sprays

    <p>The Signature Collection features pre-lit, pre-decorated greenery with durable and elegant designs in five collections, and comes ready to plug and hang</p>

  4. Dimensional Displays

    Dimensional Displays

    Stunning dimensional iconic displays are ideal as standalone centerpieces or an element in a larger holiday extravaganza.

  5. Christmas Bows

    Christmas Bows

    Whether they’re on your tree, your doors or on some decorative gift packages, our beautiful bows, ranging from 8” to 48” add the perfect finishing touch to any size display.

  6. LED Fairy Light Trees

    LED Fairy Light Trees

    Create a soft glow with LED table-top trees ranging from 3’-5’ tall. Fairy light trees feature flexible branches with wispy LED light strands.

  7. Drive and Walk Throughs

    Drive and Walk Throughs

    Available in many length options and color combinations. Great for parks, holiday drive throughs or to enhance any entrance. Business or home the possibilities are endless.

  8. Foldable LED 3D Spheres

    Foldable LED 3D Spheres

    Take this easy-to-store display piece out of storage, open it up and let it make its shimmering magic for all to see. Available in 20”, 30” and 40”.

  9. Christmas Ornaments

    Christmas Ornaments

    Great selection of Christmas ornaments from small ball ornaments up to 50" designer series ornament centerpieces. Professional quality and outdoor rated.

  10. Fiberglass Displays

    Fiberglass Displays

    Commercial grade fiberglass Christmas props made from high strength fiber resin and hand painted with automotive grade paint. Expert craftsmanship and precise design details create amazing centerpieces for your holiday decorating.

  11. LED Spheres

    LED Spheres

    Ranging from 6” to 10”, these glistening orbs give the impression of floating balls of Christmas cheer lighting up the night.

  12. LED Snowflakes

    LED Snowflakes

    Whether you celebrate a snowy white Christmas, or a sunny and sandy one, these classic symbols of the season are 24”, 36” and 48” sources of holiday smiles.

  13. Foldable 3D Stars

    Foldable 3D Stars

    Whether you choose softly shimmering or boldly bright, these classic, easy-to-store, five-pointed stars are a versatile addition to your holiday décor.

  14. Moravian Stars

    Moravian Stars

    Available in a great range of colors, these multi-pointed stars, which call to mind the star of Bethlehem, practically call out to anyone who passes by.