The #1 Choice for Pros and Christmas Enthusiasts

C9 LED Bulbs

C9 LED Retrofit/Replacement Bulbs offer high lumen output, bold colors and long lasting diodes. Choose from the latest generation SMD C9 bulbs or the traditional Legacy Minleon C9 LED bulbs.

Go big or go home…….C9 LED bulbs are the kings of Christmas lighting. For decades, the popular C9 Christmas light has been the mainstay for many holiday decor projects. Traditional C9 incandescent bulbs have given way to the latest technology and now days C9 LED replacement bulbs have far surpassed their classic glass bulb counterparts. Virtually all commercial and high-end residential properties now enjoy the quality, durability and pleasing visual aesthetics of C9 LEDs.

Two Brands, Two Great Options

Christmas Designers offers two brands of LED bulbs

Minleon C9 LED Bulbs – Minleon is the tried and true name in replacement bulb design. They were the first big manufacturer of high quality LED Christmas bulbs and their name is still very respected within the pro Christmas industry. Enjoy the latest generation SMD technology in every Minleon bulb.

Pro Christmas C9 LED Bulbs – Pro Christmas bulbs may not have the long history that Minleon has, but they are quickly gaining ground and have become a popular choice for professional installers as well as within the Christmas enthusiast market. Thanks to the 3-season warranty, heavier weight polycarbonate lens and advanced SMD optics, Pro Christmas LEDs are an excellent choice for even the most demanding holiday lighting projects.