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Why Christmas Designers?

Christmas Designers is a single destination source for all your Christmas lights and Christmas decoration needs. We’ve been in the Christmas and lighting business for over 45 years and are a leading supplier of professional Christmas lights and décor across the country. During that time, we’ve had the privilege of designing and installing commercial Christmas and high residential Christmas projects throughout the world. With that knowledge in tow, our products are designed and manufactured with high quality and professional performance in mind. We offer a vast selection of commercial and residential LED Christmas lights, holiday displays, decorations, trees, wreaths, garland, and so much more. Our national fulfillment and distribution center resides in the quiet town of Sherman, Texas.

Offering the Best in Holiday Decorations

We take pride in the quality, service, and craftsmanship of our products. From illuminated holiday décor to patio lighting, our wide variety of lights and decorations are used throughout the holidays and beyond. We offer competitive prices for top-quality commercial LED Christmas lights that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. These aren’t the low-quality Christmas lights and decorations you find at your local big box store… the products we sell are used by professional Christmas installers around the world. They are designed with integrity and hold up to rigorous winter weather, high-traffic areas, and commercial holiday use. But they are also equally suited for homeowners looking to buy high-quality Christmas lights and décor at an affordable price.

The World’s Top Commercial Christmas Decorations and LED Christmas Lights...

Drawing upon our many years in the Christmas installation industry and our highly trained teams in sales, customer success and product support, we’ve become both a leading provider of Christmas decorations and one of the most innovative creators of holiday displays. Our decades of expertise and full line of top-quality Christmas decorating supplies are available to you. Whether you’re a home-decorating Christmas enthusiast, a business looking to generate customer goodwill by celebrating the spirit of the season, or a professional contractor specializing in the installation of Christmas displays – we’re here for you.

We’re privileged to work with tens of thousands of customers each year, from homeowners shopping for a few sets of quality LED Christmas lights up to large municipalities planning to decorate their entire city.

Here are a few of our better-known customers:

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Company History:

While we haven’t been around as long as Santa, Rudolph or other Christmas legends, we are among the most enduring companies that focus exclusively on Christmas. In fact, our history spans five decades… that’s long enough to have been the go-to Christmas supplier for generations of families!

We can trace our roots back to the 1970s in Florida, when Dorice Long and her sons Clayton and Kevin began installing Christmas lights and decorations professionally. The entire business operated out of a rented box truck in a Denny’s parking lot. From those early beginnings, Christmas Designers quickly gained a reputation for quality, design integrity and exceptional customer service.

Jason Woodward, the man who would eventually become our CEO, joined the company in 1997 as a seasonal associate. That temporary position transitioned to a full time career, and Jason scaled from installation expert to VP of Operations in Florida. Involving a team of more than 100 installers, installations ranged from $10k residential projects up to $300k custom design programs.

In 2007, the Longs were joined by Leonard Schulz, a young entrepreneur who had built an accomplished Christmas décor company named Holiday Illuminations. Leonard brought decades of wisdom in Christmas products, installation, and business leadership, merging that knowledge with the growing success of Christmas Designers.

After 30 years focusing entirely on custom design services and commercial Christmas installations, the three partners at Christmas Designers began exploring the possibility of offering the same high-grade lights and decorations used on our installations to the rest of the world. Rather than only installing Christmas lights and décor, we were ready to start offering these products to everyone. There were many stores and websites that sold low quality holiday lights and decorations, but we knew how difficult it was to find truly professional grade Christmas lights and décor. Our goal was to develop an online store that would give consumers, businesses, municipalities and professional installers a single source for all their holiday lighting and decorating needs.

In 2010 we launched our webstore, opened a small fulfillment warehouse in Sherman Texas, and began distributing Christmas lights and decorations to customers throughout the country. Over the next decade, our small warehouse quickly grew into a large centralized distribution center with more than 150,000 square feet of warehouse and office space.

Today we are one of the largest Christmas suppliers in the United States. Our three partners continue to travel the world each year to source the best products and manufacturing techniques for our commercial Christmas products. You can find our CEO, Jason, on YouTube, where we share professional installation techniques to thousands of our loyal subscribers. With a Dealer network of more than 2,000 professional installers and tens of thousands of customers including Christmas enthusiasts, businesses, organizations and government entities, we have the products, trained staff and industry experience that will give you the peace of mind that comes with working with an industry leader.

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Our Culture

For many people, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. That’s a sentiment that’s echoed in one of the most popular Christmas songs, and it’s a feeling that we certainly share. For children worldwide, Christmas is a magical time of the year, and for many of us, that sense of magic and wonder remains throughout adulthood. For those of us that are Christmas enthusiasts, the joy and magic of Christmas truly makes that season the most wonderful time of the year.

That’s why all of us here at Christmas Designers feel so fortunate. You see, we’re all Christmas enthusiasts. We’re constantly working hard to perfect commercial and residential Christmas lights and displays 365 days a year. From traditional custom Christmas lights to snowfall LED lights… we’re here to provide you with everything you need to have the best Christmas display in town. We truly believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But for us, Christmas is a full-time occupation. What could be better?

Christmas All Year Long!

Remember as a child when the joy of Christmas morning would be so wondrously exhilarating that you’d find yourself wishing it could be Christmas every day of the year? Well for us, it is Christmas every day of the year – at least in a way. And it can be for you, too.

Spend some time looking at some of our amazing Christmas lights and decorations, read some of our articles about Christmas, and let us help you plan your next Christmas display. You’ll learn the necessary decorating tricks and tips from our many years of experience. And no matter the time of year, you can experience a bit of the wondrous Christmas spirit in preparing for the next go-around of that magical holiday.

Have questions about your holiday lighting or display needs? We’re open all year round. Call (800) 391-5280 or Contact us here.

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